Yamaha Siphon Break ???

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ok guys ? do you need the siphon break on your engine? Ive heard recently that it is a gimmick like the cvt filter....what does everyone think? I currently run one. :confused:
I would rather my oil puke up into a bottle and run back into the motor....than puke all down the side of my engine:confused:
i'm currently in the market for one because I run alot of throtle when i ride and the breather is blowing oil down the side of my motor
Heres Magnums response about it....

OK guys heres magnums response to me in a pm...

"Just going off of what my motor guy is telling me. Don't have any 1st hand experience with the Siphon Break as I've always been told by him to stay away from it, hence never had any oil on my motor. I have also "heard" from alot of people that the foam CVT filters actually decrease the life of your belt vs increase due to poor flow and heat build up. My motor guy is the crew chief for AGM (All German Motorsports) and heads up their class 1 cars, he is also a Rhino owner and knows the 660/700 like the back of his hand. That is the only reason I heed his warnings."

Id like to see this get some serious thought...it seems its one of those things we all went along with(cvt filter) and are now finding out its not needed and may even be bad for our engines...
Siphon break, got one on the racer and the wifes Rhino. Keeps things clean during extended runs. FYI, excessive blow by can indicate a worn top end on high mileage units.

CVT filter, ran one during the first 1000 miles of my wifes Rhino life, took it off because I got tired of cleaning it every ride, not everyday but every ride, they work good.
Reason people have problems is they dont get cleaned often enough, plug, then smoke the belt.

I did notice a difference in how dirty the clutch grease was between before the filter and after.
That "crew chief" is actually not the crew chief but is one of the guys on AGM's team and is actually Rusty5150....LOL We always joke around and call him Crew CHief.........

And he is correct, those CVT filters are only neccesary IMO for muddy water rides in your rhino. I ran my rhino in baja and in one day my filter went from being perfectly clean to clogged and caused my belt to heat up and snap. I say runt he cvt if you want to clean it every trip or halfway through every long ride. I will never run a filter unless my CVT dumps out close to the ground.....stock location I would never run one again!

Siphon breaks are good if you ahve an open air filter and you do not want oil all ove rth eengine when you have some blow by. But I did hear of a recent story where the siphon break bottle was filling up and over flowing everytime the guy drove. It may be like what Doug eledued too and just a ruined top end!?
a siphon break isnt neccesary with a stock cdi. when you raise the rev limiter oil pressure increases with higher rpms. sustained higher rpms is what causes the oil to go out the vent. even if the siphon break fills up the oil will just run out of it like it would out of the vent if it werent there, id rather recatch what i could.
the siphon break bottle is off a honda 400ex, it's part # 17255-HN1-000
it costs about $14 and it can save you alot of oil and mess if you do alot of high rpm driving.
I added one to my Teryx as I was getting oil in the air box after extended high RMP runs. Once I put the break in (I red necked my own design with a UNI breather filter on top), I've got nothing in the filter indicating that the res. is catching all the build-up and draining it back into the case after the pressure decreases.
yeah its the honda oil catch. i usually grab a few of em. i get em for under 10 bucks so i like to have a few around. used my last one so im gonna order a few more.
I just put the siphon break on my rhino because I got tired of mopping up the oil out of my air box. I dont run an open box because the air filter would clog daily with it open.

CVT filter, been running one on my rhino since day one(dry). I clean it every trip and just replaced my belt which had over 2200 miles on it and was maybe 1/8 of an inch narrower than new but was stretched some too. I will keep running one because what dirt it does filter has got to help somewhat.
it usually takes alot of dust to completely gum up the sheave grease. if you do use the cvt filter, definately leave it dry.

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