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Hey Mr Lighting Guy AKA Joey D,
Both my outdoor lights havent worked in about a year..Any chance you could help me out with that, hmmmmm?;)

Have your husband call Rusty at Unique Lighting Systems. I can walk him through fixing the problem over the phone. Most rookies have a tough time with lighting.

Unique Lighting System
oopps joey d sorry thats the warden speaking im out .............ill fix your lighting dam joey get on it bro.....................
haahaahaa you got busted sucka!!!

rep points for the Mrs....!!

You need to rep for our company brotha, your lighing is sick, just think carmichaels number in his registers, mx bikes in back flips and such in the medallion style, whoo hoo
LOL.....yeah, now I know she spys on me here!!! LOL Shes creative too coming with The Godmother screename!!!
that lighting job is effin sick,,,

joey you need to stick to lights and leave the driving to us pros.:eek:
LMAO........Thanks dog!!!

Glad to see you pop in!! I have been missin ya.....hope things are well!
ive just been trollin lately,,, needed a little break.:D

im not just sayin this to be nice... after trollin all the other sites, this layout is the best BY FAR. great job mang.
This is like the DSD Thread on RT.net...............................OK maybe not........

but you should see my wife....she thinks she is so funny, got me real good today, laughing, hahahahahaahaha

This made her day! LMAO
Ya I know...my ex used to be....my sink been broken for three days. how come I am always last!!!! And I shoulda said cuz mrs jones tosses a mean salad :eek:
nice job on the lighting Joey and hellz yea on the underground pool party it gonna be like a playboy style pool party? And by chance did you meet Ursula or have they not moved in yet? I hang with her brothers every now and then

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