Rhino or House?


SilverBulletXP4 Sucka!
like the title says.. would you rather buy a home? or purchase a long travel kit for your baby sitting in your apartment garage haha..
House!! LOL


Might have time to still buy a house and that Magnum UTVUnderground special is pretty solid!! LOL And you got the hook up with Mittag so he may build you one too!
think i still might have chad fab the arms only so they will be in the garage after we get the house, then when i am ready i can get the rest, BAMMMMM!!!...

but everyone is riding my ass!!! hahaha, and a house sounds good so i have to figure something out!
That's funny you post this cause I have been thinkin about buying a house for an investment or buy a motorhome and I still haven't really made up my mind yet. Prob try to get the house or just buy a cheaper motorhome and save to get a bigger house for me !!!
According to the "EXPERTS" like Glenn Beck that house wont be worth shit in 2013 so $#%@ it...go buy a rhino and be happily broke...then when Armageddon breaks out you can use your rhino as your mad max vehicle and you'll be the one laughin.....just a thought.
if you wanna keep spending $$$$$$$$$$$$ on the rhino do what she says or shes out and the rhino is half of hers bro so getr done haha lmao
ya meet with the broker last night, went well... got about 10 lined up to look at and pre approval finished so i am pretty stoked now, i just look at it now as a place to put the rhino and have more room to work on it!!! score!!!
were you from bro were in socal congrats so far dam peeps losings pads and jobs and your buying a pad dope power to you................
Think of it this way. A year or so ago you would have paid twice as much for a house. You are saving a ton of money, so you CAN afford LT too.:D

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