Yamaha Rhino 450 to 660 Swap


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Enough people talked to Greg that he is convinced the 450 is a no go. He wants to drop a 660 in and then do some headword, big bore kit, maybe the turbo kit down the road.

Has anyone done this swap? Whats Involved? Anyone have a 660 takeout motor available?
easy swap from what I hear.......Keep your eyes peeled....660 still sell for $2500-$3000...at that point you are pretty close to a Rotax motor????
waht are the main plans for the type of riding???? unless you are plannign to haul major butt across the desert or sand dunes, the 450 will be plenty for the wife and kids to trail ride in. that way you can save for a rotax or HP 686.
4 seat long travel at Pismo. Needs more than the 450 in our opinions. We just heard of a shop that let a 660 go 2 days ago for $400.
There is one on Ebay for about 1500 and a nice ported head for 400.
After talkin to Jon Crowley greg thinks the way to go is build up the 450 with BRP parts and then were going to get a Web Cam, Wiseco pistons, new valves etc and keep it reliable, other than some of these built up 660s we hear about popping!

R1 swap is down the road a bit, we got a motor yesterday :D
Were getting the performance stuff from BRP, then going to hit up Web and Wiseco for that stuff I think. Greg knows some high ups at both companies from his prior racing stuff I guess.

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