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Well I jus got my dads cage tacked up for his new xtz 1000. Its pretty plain n simple, he had a list of things he didnt want on the cage so I was pretty limited on how crazy I could get. He more or less jus wanted replacement for the lawnmower/tractor lookin cage that comes stock, and I had to lower it a little jus so he can get the damn thing in the trailer. Hes 6'3" so I only got a little over an inch out of the dropping the cage without lowering the seats. Let me know what ya think.


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v- bars in the front and maybe X brace the roof, with that kinda speed on tap, i would want that thing as strong as possible, but thats my $.02 looks good bro. any doors goin on that thing?
Thanks, he didnt want any other bars..I tried to talk him into it but if it was mine yes then it would have plenty of extra bracing. Workin on some bumpers and leg bars right now.
if it was my dads i wouldnt even tell him i would just do it for his safety;)and take his chit.....later looks good bro make it strong and safe its your pops:D
Thanks guys, wish I could have done this more my way but oh well, jus like Burger King..pops had it his way i guess.
Ya its super fast, im very impressed with the power but thats about the only thing I like about a teryx guy myself.

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