NORRS 50% off??


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Saw this over on Race Dez, post made by Scott Rhen, fomer announcer of CORR.

May 12, 2009 ForImmediate Release:

In an Effort to Help Racers, NORRS is Offering DEEP Discounts

After much consideration and in an effort to help all race teams make it to the track in today’s economy, NORRS is announcing a (50%) discount in the registration fee for each and every class racing during the first 2 weekends of the 2009 season.

Aaron Mortenson of NORRS stated, “In today’s economy it is in NORRS & the sport’s best interest to do what we can to help the racers, both PRO & SPORTSMAN. The (50%) discount will be in effect for all classes. We only hope that this helps in some little way to get a few of the teams that might be on the fence, to come out and be apart of our first 4 rounds (2 weekends) of racing. With CBS coverage and all classes getting television exposure, I hope this will be a positive move in trying to get more teams to come race. This may appear to be a move of desperation, but I assure you that it is not. The recent history that has plagued this sport is that the racers were being taken advantage of and NORRS is just trying to give back in some small way.”

So with that being said, bring your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors, anyone you can think of and, let’s make this inaugural event at Antelope Valley, the best Memorial Day weekend ever.

So whats its cost to race?


Mod Am entry $100.00, down from $200.00
Drivers License $125.00
Camping $40.00
Fuel $100.00 To AVFG's from my house
At least $365.00 plus
Mechanics $50.00 (25 x 2 one time)

Hmmm, thats getting affordable, not as affordable as M4SX

Mod Am $125.00
Tickets $75.00 (3 x 25)
Camping $free
Fuel $60.00 To PAS from my house

or Lake Elsinore

Super Stock $75.00
Tickets $30.00
Camping $free
Fuel $60.00 To Elsinore from my house

But much cheaper that LOORRS

Limited $300.00
Camping $???
Tickets $50.00
Fuel $60.00 To Elsinore from my house
At least $435.00 plus
Mechanic $125.00 (one time)

TORC, about the same as LOORRS plus transponder and radio gear ??

Pro add at least $50.00 per event. I went with Sportman classes because we dont Code racing Pro yet.
Pit vehicles fee
Camping fees
Race gas, at least $40 per event (for us)
Doesnt include your race car or wear & tear items.

Thats pretty close for us as Sportsman, heres the thing though, who's racing NORRS?
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If they have an amatuer non payback full mod class then were racing, just need someone to return my call, email, or PM to clarify.
I'd like to do this race....good seat time, if nothing else...
Since we had talked previously about putting a Rookie UTV class up, we will make it official. It will be the only class that will not get paid back. The entry fee with the promo rate will be 75.00.

This should help encourage the drivers that want to just race and don't want the paybacks. Also it should help with the general public who have UTV that want to race or try racing.

Let us know if you need anything else....
what are the rules for the rookie class? can i bring one of my stock side x sides out and race if i have a fire suit, helmet, and d-cell?

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