Yamaha New side panels


Murder Red
i got the pro coat done at pro coat in elsinore and the panels were made here in hemet and the cage and suspension was done by tech one motorsports
no i had it done at pro coat in elsinore right by 74 motorsports and rhino craft. it only cost 95 bucks for roof and pannels
pro coat did the powder coating and i believe the aluminum was done by niel over there off of the end of romona expressway on your left in that big metal building that always has the buggies out front
im not sure i know its like half of a mile pass that jack in the box on state and romona expressway and the shop is on your left. also check out magnum offroad
yea its that place of of romona expressway. im sorry im not that much of a help i didnt have them done. they were that way when i bought them.
Car's looking awesome Kinny!!!

Hey Gabe, I know a good aluminum guy in Hemet if your looking for one.
Sounds like he may of got them from Taylors or Rhino Tech.... Hopefully it was a good experience....

I would not go to them .....

I like to try different shops in the area..... These guys are liars and cheats. They do crappy work. I would stay far away from them. I had the worst experience I have ever had...... The owner continually lied to me.... They had my Rhinos for almost 3 weeks when it was promised to me in 2 days.... He would tell me they were working on it and I would go down there and it hadnt been touched or moved. I finally told him I am coming to get my Rhinos so they did the work. I only had a roof made for both of my Rhinos.... They look like crap. They used rivets and made the roof out of 2 pieces.... it looks like crap. When they mounted it some of the screws missed the cage....

I dont like to bad mouth shops but I want to warn you guys.... Stay away from this shop.
I think he's talking about the buggy place on Romona EXPY, not Taylor's on Romona BLVD.

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