My daughter goes in for surgery this afternoon


So, last week while trying out a new pony, my 11 year old daughter was bucked off and broke her collar bone in two places. We have been back and forth with a few doctors at Kaiser and they finally agreed to set the bones in place with plates. She goes in this afternoon and Mom & I are nervous wrecks. Please stir in some UTV Underground karma and good thoughts for my little girl today....

And my wife has always said she doesn't lke off-roading because it is dangerous. lol
Good luck to your daughter as well as you & your wife. Our thoughts & prayers are with you. Wishing a speedy recovery for your daughter.
Dont worry, it will be a non event.

After its over sell the turd factory and get TTR 125's for your daughter and the wife , the women love'em, so fun I had to buy two.
Sorry to hear that Jon, hope she has a speedy recovery. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.
In OR waiting room. Emergency surgeries are pushing her start time out several hours. Ugh!

She has her IV in so that is good. Hopefully they won't cancel for tonight.
I know it can be tough being in the hospital waiting and waiting... Hang in there, everything will turn out great! My thoughts are with you and your family.
She made it out just fine. Floating bone was in a few pieces so it wasn't a perfect fix. Six screws and a long strap will help mend it to the right length.

Determining now whether to discharge or get a room. Long day....
I hope you guys were able to come home. Glad the surgery went well.
Glad the surg went well....Hospitals SUCK and for me was very hard to see my baby girl being the one in the bed. Still praying for a FULL speedy recovery

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