Mia D., The NEXT Corry Weller? Watch out boys......




March 7, 2010 Valley Center, CA - Saturday March 13, 2010 will be the day that Mia "Mia D." DiGiovanni out of Valley Center, CA will make her Quad Racing debut at Pala Raceways Spring GP race event. Mia D. as she is known to her friends at school is 6 years old and in the 1st grade at Lilac Elementary in Valley Center, CA. She is an avid horse rider and she is tops in her class in reading and math and she looks to carry her academic success to the race tracks and deserts of California.

When asked about her riding style she says she is most like Corry Weller of Weller Racing and like Corry she hopes to one day move up into a UTV. Her competitive fire is already burning as she took her freshly built 80cc race bike for a quick spin around her parents rented property in Valley Center. She says the new motor is powerful on the top but she needs a little more bottom end grunt. She has requested some clutch tuning to get all the power she can out of her new rocket of a motor which was built recently by AJ Motorsports in San Marcos, CA.

Mia wants to thank her sponsors, UTVUnderground.com for the media support, pictures, bedroom, meals, clothes, roof over her head, and most of all rides to the desert and track for her to ride on. She also wants to thank Weller Racing for the stickers which she says makes her fast like Corry. Rhino Parts and Performance for some cool black and red stickers that match her bike and of course the NEW Go Pro HD Camera that was donated to UTVUnderground which she will be rocking on her bike during the race. Lastly she would like to thank Simpson Race Products for their awesome black and red stickers that fit perfectly on the front shroud of her 80cc race bike. She feels those stickers give her a more "official look" so she will be able to hopefully draw in more sponsors!! She also wants to thank AJ Motorsports for all the help in building her new motor and getting it tuned to make it one of the fastest on the track!

For sponsorship inquiries please email joeyd@utvunderground.com

Pala Raceway Spring GP details:
GRPs 2010 Spring GP at Pala Raceway


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Ooohhhhhhh.....that is just the cutest pre-race write-up I have ever read!!! You tell Mia I said to go "kick some butt!" :) Keep us all posted, Joey!!
You know I will! She is going to freak when she reads your post...she kept asking me if anyone will see it....she is embarrased! hahaha...leave it to daddy to do that!
Whoa! For those of you racing in the kid's quad 90cc and under class, look out for MIA. She is gonna be flyin through the track with her rebuilt 80cc motor and all those racing stickers!! I saw here practice @ Ocotillo Wells camp track on the last UTVUG trip and she dont mess around! :eek: Good luck Mia!
Heck yeah, she will tear it up, I'm sure! Tell her to be careful and HAVE FUN! Having fun is the important part!! :)
its all about the fun! She is really nervous but I told her its just like playing at the desert its just we all get to watch and cheer for her! I know I am more excited about it then anyone else! hahahah Rusty just called to do a phone interview with her but Mia D. is in bed! hahahahah
This just in......


Mia DIGiovanni has just picked up her first official outside sponsor for the 2010 race season. OffRoadPress.com has stepped up to offer Mia D. all her entry fees for 2010. In return Mia will be representing OffRoadPress.com on and off the track and will show her return support by running OffRoadPress.com decals on her built UTVUnderground.com Suzuki LT80 race quad.

Thank you OffRoadPress.com for stepping up in a huge way and showing your support for the future of off road racing!

Off Road Press

Mia D., The NEXT Corry Weller? Watch out boys… | Off Road Press

The team at Offroadpress.com is proud to help Mia D start her racing career and looks forward to her bring home a ton of trophies. If Mia is anything like her dad, she is full of WIN!!! We couldn't have a better representative on the track and think Mia will do awesome!

Good Luck Mia we're rooting for you!

I had the pleasure to see Mia D in action a couple months ago. She is all business once her thumb smashes the throttle. Her training regiment is intense. She has turned over 250 laps on UTVUG test track in Ocotillo Wells CA. Through out the day Mia D will pull into camp for some intense cardio training (playing with freinds). She is conditioning her body for the grueling Baja 1000 by playing well into the night. She is gunning for these boys.
so cute!!!!:eek: she couldn't have a better role model! o yah and a top notch PR guy!!!
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Thank you everyone! I cant wait for Mia to read all this tonight!! She is going to be so happy to see all the support!

If anyone has any leads on Wheel Spacers, Exhaust, Plastics, etc.. for a 2003 Suzuki LT80 let me know. I am going to try and get her bike G'd Out!!! LOL
Good luck Mia & what a PR guy. You are correct,. No better role model than Corry Weller. She well Represents the UTV community & Women in general.
Well Mia completed her first race. She didnt finish. She must have hit a rock becuase her foot guard got jammed back into her tire. By the time we bent it back she didnt want to go back out. She was 1 of 4 kids on the quads and she was the only girl and the youngest. She did great at the start and she held 3rd place 3/4's of the way through her first lap. They sent the kids down a steep rocky hill which freaked me out and it freaked her out a bit. In all she did a great job, I was really proud. She cant wait to do it again but she doesnt want to go down any rocky hills this time...hahahah








hahaha....dude I was franticlly trying to work a deal with DG to get her a Bumper and Nerf Bars sent out before the race but didnt go through....next on the list is Nerf Bars and bumper..Long travel front end, and new 8X7 rims with hole shots in the rear and 10" rim in the front with holeshots....Daddy gonna take care of her! hahahah

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