Lucas Oil Regional Race at Speedy this weekend!!!


The First Lady of SXS - UTVUnderground Approved reports state that the weather is gonna be NIIIIIICE this weekend for the ASCC/Lucas Oil Regional Series race this weekend - UNDER THE NEW LIGHTS!!! Night racing is awesome!!!

We will be out there running the SR1 class - hope a bunch of you AZ racers can make it out to run the UTV classes! They are having practice between 7pm and 10pm on Friday night, and then racing is Saturday afternoon/night!

This is a single race event - the next race out here won't be until the Fall Series (3 races) - so I hope to see a bunch of you! Also - there will be Powder Puff races again for any of the ladies!! :)




arizona short course championship
Good Luck Corry,

we are racing in MDR this weekend, 1450 class Truck
Thanks guys!!! Can't wait! We will have a new SR1 racer up and running - Jake Carver is gonna come out and race, too!
Should be a good weekend out a speedworld we will have a couple trophy karts,a limited rhino,1600 car and a single buggy going to be a busy weekend oh yah and maybe a 1450 truck too.
Any confirmed Unlimited UTV's racing?

I'll bring my car out if there's some competition.......
Any confirmed Unlimited UTV's racing?

I'll bring my car out if there's some competition.......

You should go run that track anyway Brian. Its a fun track.I would go but the rhino motor is still waiting on a crank.
I think you should all come out - it's fun racing on Saturday and camping out Sat night....everyone is relaxed and having fun after the races, and night racing is always fun, anyway! :) The more the merrier!! Plus, there isn't another ASCC race until September, I think?? Got to get your racing in now before things get all boring for the summer! :)
Good job everyone!! Corry took first again, greg took second, and i brought up the rear. I had the most fun i have ever had in a rhino!! cant wait to get some seat time and make some suspension changes and go back out!!
great racing series all around. tons of throphy karts to watch, the SR1's cars are just badass to hear run. i was told Greg clocked 73 mph on the track, now thats getting it on a short course track.

then to watch desert trucks on a short course track was awesome. the weather was even a little cold for the mains. now for June in AZ thats some great racing weather.

i just might have to run the ol RZR1 next time and talk my way into the SR1 class.
Just got home from the race last night - what a fun night!! I love night racing....and usually in AZ it's the ONLY way to race in the summer, but I was COLD last night!! LOL!! WTH?

Jake, so glad you could make it out here!! It's always fun to see another SR1 on the track - I heard you looked really good out there! How do you like the short course stuff? Pretty fun, huh?? :)

The UTV turnout was pretty low......which is frustrating....considering how many race UTV's are IN Arizona.....oh well. We still had a good time, and the B&A Rhino was out there ripping it up for the regular UTV's!! LSR Greg did a great job out there - made it a fun race, for sure!

Lots of spectators this round!! It was good to see so many people in the stands!!

We had a great time watching the desert trucks rip up that course! Those guys can huck those trucks! And of course the stock classes are always a good time! The Trophylites came out to run a bit, and it was a good battle between Foutz and the yellow truck for the whole race!

Austin looked great in his new Pro-Lite, just getting some seat time in! He'll be a threat in the Pro-Lite class in no time!

Huge thanks to Tim and the ASCC, and to LUcas Oil for helping out with this series and giving AZ racers a quality place to race without having to drive to another state!!!

It was good to see everyone - I hope you guys that raced last night will keep on coming out to the ASCC races.....when we get some good turnouts, it will be even more fun!
that is awesome Corry!! Great work to you and all who showed to compete!!! We need to make it to an ASCC race this fall!
Had a great time this weekend out there we need to have some more night races it was fun for sure .Good job to everyone that was out there we will definently be back.Congrats Corry great race with greg out there we need to think about a sr1 car. Maybe for cody that was out there in the limited utv's.Congrat's to all the winners let's keep up the support for these series.

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