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Alright so, so this weekend was supposed to be a weekend of doing nothing. Well when I got home friday my fiance got this wild hair up her ass and was like "GLAMIS!" so we went... and my clutch belt is in about 100 peices now!!!!

I have never done a clutch work on these rhinos, i bought this one with the clutch already done. I know it was set up for short track cause it used to be raced at elsinore with 23's on it.

my question is, i dune it mostly and do ocotillo every now and then. I want the most performance in glamis i can get out of the thing... its basically a stock 660 piston, rod and bottom end. Just got an alba cam, carb bored and jetted, intake and an alba exhuast I want input on how i should set it up, also... any tips on installing the thing? I have never done it and i heard that i should run very little grease... does it really let the weights float further out in the sheave?
1st off changing the belt is really easy after you get all the dam bolts off. Just take the 2 longer bolts(remember where they go) from the primary sheave cage and tighten them into the threaded holes on the secondary sheave. Once you start to tighen them up and u will see the belt getting loose.
As far a grease goes I used very little just on the sliders only and that's it. Some put grease where the rollers are to keep them from moving when you reinstall the sheave. I have never heard and don't think that has anything to do with the rollers moving futher out. I would say they can only go so far depending on what sheave you are running. Since you are in the sheave make sure you check the cam plate and fix plate splines, they are cheap and in my opinion worth replacing if it shows any wear.
Did you plan on changing out the weights to some diff also ? Well still new to this stuff so if I missed something sorry. Good luck
thanks alot for the input. well i plan on changing the weights if its good for the dunes, i am not sure whats in there right now. Guess i will see once i get it apart. I know i have a bag of 12g and 14g weights, also have a orange spring sitting aside (my buddy gave me a crap load of spar stuff when i bought it)

so depending on what people recommend as the best set up is what i will try once i put it back together... trying to make it for next weekend dune tour!!
That's what I running right now and love it, the only thing I can say I right on the start it I step on it is seems to slip but once I get to about 10mph it seems to work really good !
I haven't been to the dunes yet with this setup but went to salton sea and OW but I can't say in the washes it was night and day as far power goes. I have a pretty stock 4 seater with some bolt ons/ LT and I could brake the tires loose around turns and really didn't have the lose of rpms like the stock weights gave me I have heard must people run 12g or 14 with the blue spring. I'm sure some of the dune junkies will let u know what the best set-up is
I will tell you I have a KMS sheave with blue spring and 14g weights and I felt like I loss power in the dunes......In OW or on hard pack anywhere my top end went way but bottom end sucked....I am thinking of going to an orange spring and 11g-12g weights...
well i have an orange spring sitting in the garage that he gave me, and two bags of weights... one bag is a 12g and the other is a 14g... i will find out whats in there when i take it completely apart... i just got back from temecula motorsports with a new clutch belt and some grease so i think i am ready to get dirty... wish me luck

oh and anyone else got input please fill me in cause i want to get as much opinions are possible and see what seems to be working the best... thanks in advance
I'm running the blue spring and 14g weights, seemed to lose a little bite in the dunes but works awesome in OW!
hahah i will!! i am wrenching on my car right now, this is my first time doing a clutch so im giving her all i got!!! for some reason my impact wont get the sheave bolt off... and my compressor is at 120 psi!! damn this thing
hahah thats what i was doing!!! it finally came off... just been on there for so long under so much pressure it was on there GOOD!!! i just cranked the compressor up to 140 and it took a little more...

ok next question... the grease, just a little on the weights and a little on the sheave to hold them in place? or pack that monkey up??!

cause when i yanked it apart there was a crap load of old grimmy grease in there so i wasnt sure how to reassemble this bad boy... so let me be knowing guys!!! come on!! hahah

on and should i attempt the primary spring without the tool? cause temecula motorsports didnt have the tool in stock, but i think i can find other means to compress the springs...

input input mucho input!!! :eek:
OK Brian.for the spring just use a stock Rhino Wheel.......I did it by myself the last time but it helps if you have someone to push down on the wheel and compress the spring while you lossen and tighten the Spring nut/cap.......NOTE: You will need a 45mm socket to take that off.....I learned this trick from Shonuff!!!

As for grease some people put lots in there like factory but others say you dont need much grease at all.........I just lay a good thin coating in the sheave where the rollers roll...I also put a coat around each roller........

be careful not to over tighten the heads/bolts on the sheave cover plate. You dont want to snap those off or strip them out.........
I can't help u on the spring thing. On the sheave I have heard many time that less grease the better, I put the grease where the slides go and on the slides themself. I didn't put any grease on the weights but make sure that you hold the sheave and cam plate together so that the weights
don't pop out of there spots.

You can also go on Hunterworks site and there is pics and poop on there also I think KMS has it to.
I have a video I will post in a few minutes.....I need to upload it...its the KMS sheave install video......
12g's but now the car is making a whining noise when i put it in gear... it runs great but whines in gear... could that be cause it was a test run with the sheave basket and clutch cover off??

when the original belt broke it locked up and slid to a stop... could it have damaged the tranny in some way? damn this thing!!!

If you are running it with the cover off it makes some noises that scared the $hit out of me. I think that is norm

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