Good news for Yamaha!! 50 cases dismissed?!


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Saw this on Truth About Rhino - great news for Yamaha!! Let's hope things continue in this direction!! I wonder if Yamaha can countersue for slander or defamation or something??

"Breaking News Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. Statement on Recent Dismissals of Rhino Lawsuits Safety drives everything we do at Yamaha.$ We are proud of the safety record and safety features of the Yamaha Rhino, which has skyrocketed in popularity due to its exceptional reliability, safety and versatility.$ Over 150,000 Rhino owners have used our vehicles safely, including the U.S. military, border patrol, and a growing number of law enforcement agencies, fire fighters and other first responders.$ The Rhino has won virtually every “first in class†award and top safety ratings in independent reviews since its introduction. The popularity of the Rhino, and the fact that it represents a new category of off-road motorized vehicles, has made it a target for some plaintiffs’ lawyers who increasingly use the Internet, television advertisements and the news media to attract clients. $Nevertheless, in the past three months, more than 50 Rhino-related lawsuits against Yamaha have been dismissed either by the courts or by the plaintiffs.$ Most recently, The Estate of Ellen Sand versus Yamaha Motor Corporation, LTD in Warren County, Ohio was withdrawn by the plaintiff’s own lawyers only days before the case was scheduled to go to trial, and in Alabama, the court granted Yamaha’s motion for summary judgment and dismissed the case in Robert Lamar Smith III versus Yamaha Motor Corporation, LTD.$ These actions are not surprising considering Yamaha was victorious in the first Yamaha Rhino case tried in 2009 in Texas and in light of another court’s recent exclusion of plaintiff’s expert engineering and accident reconstruction witnesses in another matter. Yamaha stands firmly behind the Rhino and will continue to vigorously defend the product.$ The Rhino is a safe and useful off-road vehicle when driven responsibly and according to the instructions and warnings in our on-product labels, owner’s manuals, and other safety materials."
This is great news.I feel like these lawsuits have been holding Yamaha back on a new and improved utv.
That first case was here locally. Real sad, little kid died, but not yamaha's fault. I wonder why the parents are not in jail, they are the ones responsible. It was like a 8yr old kid driving the rhino (fast) with no seat belt or safety equipment.
I think alot more cases will be thrown out, when the info shows parents let kids use Rhino, that were underage, w/o supervision, and on hard surfaces, all info that was supplied when they purchased and some never bothered to have the safety recall done, installing doors and grab handles. Big neglegence issue on owners side. Yamaha does need to improve the seat belt, they are useless, needs atleast 4 point harness.
Good for all manufactures out there, now maybe we will see some new UTV's come off the line that there has been some talk about.
Good job from Yamaha for fighting the battle, it always has big repercutions when your the first off the line
Yamaha is not the problem 100%.The parents are the problem and should be held accountable for not having any common sense at all. I feel sorry for all the kids that lost their lives over complete stupidity.When a 8 yr. old comes flying by your camp in a rhino with his 6 yr. old brother sitting shot gun,it makes me sick. I had to vent.

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