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  • I havent yet man still on the look out for the right one, im trying to free up some cash should know prob by the end of the week. Hey you going to be in for a ride if we go out this weekend or are you scared ?
    Not looking good for me going this weekend for a couple reasons, my rhino is apart and the shop said there is something wrong with the valves ???? So I don't know what or when I will get it done but I should be talking to the dude tomorrow and find out the what what
    No, keep it, I got your patch coming! Dont lose those colors or we will have to kill you!
    Damn the chit talking starts already lol I'm going to hit my ladie up and see if she wants to leave the kids behind so it will be better to throw up a tent. But just think if I don't go it is just one less SXS you will have to TRY to keep up with LOL
    Sweet man let me see if I can wing this trip or not, I would love to make it out there again ! I will let you know what's going on I have to check the work shedule and $ and go from there.
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