UTVUNDERGROUND has an opportunity to offer one of our members a spot to display their car at the EXPO. The car will be displayed in the Dirt Alliance booth. The car needs to be at the expo on Friday and picked up on Sunday. This is a really good way to expose your car to 30,000 people. Lots of potential sponsors walking around.

Please PM if you are interested.
if some one wants to take my car they are more than welcome to i just cant make it down there this weekend.:(
Ya. I am changing the Monster Energy colors from green to red. For their monster assualt. so I have to change a lot of things. Let me know I am ready.
I could rush it. I just wont have the A arms powder coated. But I can Paint and clear coat. Were is the expo at?.
I love a rush schedule. I will only push me more. I will say YES. Do you have any U.G. decals that I can put on the car.
I a set of the long stickers if Rusty or Joey don't have any, they are blk. I couldn't find a place on my rhino so I just throw on the lil sticker on the rear fenders
Stop by BYC Motorsports in building 12 and introduce your selfs!!!! Its alway fun to me the person on the other side of the screen.
My car will be in the Walker Evans Racing booth reppin the underground stickers. I should be roaming around sunday afternoon so stop by and say whats up:cool:
Sorry guys. powder coat will not be done in time. Car has to be there by fri. no time to put back together.

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