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has anyone tryed these fans and shround out yet?? hoping to here or see some cooler running temps.. ANYONE???ACTUAL PICTURE

This item DOES NOT include the radiator. This is a brand new dual SPAL replacement fan assembley with aluminum shroud for the Yamaha Rhino 450/660. The aluminum shroud bolts right on to existing mounts and is an easy install. A higher amp circuit breaker may be required due to the increased amp draw and performance and you have to used the original fan wiring connector. This unit is only 1/4" thicker than the original. These are (2) 6 1/2" SPAL electric fans and pull 700cfm at 11 amps. This is 150cfm more than the stock fan. The original mounting hardware can be used to mount the shroud to the radiator. The shroud is waterjetted out of 5052 aluminum and measures 14 3/4" wide, 10" tall and 2 7/8" thick.

Fans and shroud fit these years Rhinos

04-Current 450 Rhino
04-07 660 Rhino
the only reason i am looking at this is my rhino is getting up there in the temps. i do not understand why. it is stock piston. but have cam, carb, intake and dual exaust. maybe my temp gauge is assed out or something. but i am running up to 200 degrees. but it is an auto meter gauge. i heard they run high anyways. (the gauge).. what are some temps people are running??
my alba radiator is in the back with a scoop and the hottest i have gotten is 190 on my vapor , the fan dont kick on till between 185 and 190 , you might try a bypass swith for the fan:D
Looks like the same Spal Fans I use to run. Todd @ 151 Fab made mine 2 years ago. We had to go that route because it is a thiner set up then the 1 OEM electric fan. We moved the steering rack forward to correct the bad angles after the Long Travel kit was installed.

Anyways....These fans kick ass. They put out a LOT of air flow. It was a HUGE improvement over the stocker but a LOT louder.

Here's some pics of my set up I ran




sweet thanks alot. i have the stock fan running all the time. my buddies 686 runs at like 175 degrees and thats while running it hard in the dunes.. just thought that the stocker motor would run a little cooler.. thanks again guys
just add the 50 dollar TCP fan shroud. it works.

also the oil cooler in the front of the rad is a poor design.

front skid plates can also be a problem with heat for those who might have one.
i have the tcp shroud. i took it off because i thought it was running hot. but it still runs the same temp.. shitty gauge i think... thanks guys
hey spoder why don't you get a new 2010 teryx fan from benchmark and see how that treats yah.
good idea there chezze... or sully427 or whatg ever u call urself... i will get it figured out soon. thanks for the info..... and do some thing with that red rider thing....

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