cages cages n more cages.....


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ok this is the dealio... i want a lower cage four seat style.... this is the slick part outside of bed retaining use of dump bed n no seat bracket... want to put mesh around bed section so can throw dog bed in there so my "kids" can ride lol.... also tryin to keep cost down... will be lokkin into rhinos this month need to find smokin deal on 09 700 any help would be greatly appreciated. also want full doors that open if possible n the bar for 5 pointers:eek:
Man Skeeter! You got a one confusing list of wants here!!! LOL You need to talk to Magnum about a custom cage!!!
Jimmyzz has the best prices on PRO-One opening Doors!!

also can call HRT motorsports for cage and window nets


Rog sent ya
I've been wanting to do a four seat cage like this for a while but no one wanted to, and I just finished a set of race style full opening doors I'll post some pictures when I'm home..
who knows anything about this cage it looks to be what i want structural integrity etc


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its a full potential cage, although im not sure if they still make them. its an awesome sleek and clean look with the roll bends
i found it on side by side sports or something like that thanks for the imput guys
Contact Victor or Paul @ HI-DEZERT MOTORSPORTS in Hesperia Ca. they build a bitchen four seater cage that will still allow you to dump the bed, and the will build it to whatever profile you want. They also are making custom nets to fit your exact cage for a perfect fit. Tell them BIG KEV sent ya and they will take care of you. Heres there phone # (760) 937-2885 you can look at my pics and get an idea what the cage looks like. Happy Hunting
i actually googled it n found site last nite :D i like cages just hope they will add on so it goes around bed n hooks to frame im sure they will few extra bars equal few extra buks:eek:

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