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Great article, the comments to the full article shows the opinions we are up against. One commentor talks about how we rape the land, perfect example of getting involved and making a difference.....

Here are the first dramatic effects of our new administration in Wyoming, a wilderness proposal. How fitting that these administrations, Republican or Democrat, always try to rule the West with Eastern ideals and misconceptions. However no matter what administration shall come into play, whatever political manipulations shall arise for us, there will be a fight. And it is a good fight. We fight all the time to scratch out a living in Wyoming, and so there will always be a fight to keep the blind political ambitions of the bureaucrats in the east at bay. This is Wyoming, keeping it Wyoming takes work.

Link to the full article, be sure to check out the comment section....

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Different Takes on the Issue

Great article and interesting mix of comments from the locals.

I couldn't help myself so I submitted the comment below . . .

The proposed legislation would designate 23 million acres of land in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming as Wilderness. This means each of these 23 million acres would be made permanently off-limits to motorized and mechanized recreation, including off-highway motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, 4x4s, snowmobiles, mountain bikes and wheel chairs that do not meet standard “hospital” specifications, closing all trails in these areas to responsible motorized and mechanized access. Forest Service studies show that less than 4% of total forest visitors use the existing wilderness and that the demand for motorized recreation is rising.

Additionally, much of the land that would be designated as Wilderness does not meet the criteria set forth in the 1964 Wilderness Act. Many of the federal lands addressed by this legislation include roads, bridges, campgrounds, trails, etc. This contradicts the intent of the original Wilderness Act, which essentially defines wilderness areas as lands that show little or no signs of human involvement.

Lost in all this legislation are those whose mobility is impaired, including veterans like myself who incurred disabilities while serving our country and the elderly who cannot walk into or nearby many of the areas under consideration.

These areas are not National Parks, they are lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management and National Forest Service and should be managed as such. Most importantly, Congress should honor the established protocol of respecting State and local rights by not imposing wilderness designations on people whose elected Congressional delegation are not in full support of the designations.

Back in the 60s development of America's wild lands and backcountry was a threat. Now the threats are the Wilderness Act, the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and many other environmental protection laws passed by Congress due to the way they are being used by Wilderness lobbies to lock recreationalists out of our public lands via “Wilderness” designations.

Public lands are important recreational opportunities; there are other alternatives like National Conservation Areas or National Recreation Areas which would provide the same level of protection from development that the “Wilderness” designation carries while still preserving a diverse array of opportunities for recreation.

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