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Montana Wilderness/Mount Jefferson UPDATE
Dear Montana and Idaho Action Alert Subscribers,
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all on BRC's Action Alert list!
Just a quick update on Senator Jon Tester's oddly-named Forest Jobs and Recreation Act. S.1470
As you know, the bill was heard in the Senate Public Lands and Forests Subcommittee last week. An archived webcast of the hearing is here. (it starts about 20 minutes in)
I had a nice chat with Nick Haris and Rick Podliska from American Motorcyclist Association about the hearing last Friday. (AMA sent a really well written letter on the Pioneer Mountain single-track trail, by the way. Thanks AMA!!)
Commissioner Skip Hurt from Idaho's Fremont County (St. Anthony) gave an excellent presentation. Rick said he spoke very well, gave lots of excellent economic data and gave pithy responses to questions. Well done Commissioner Hurt!
We'll have more on the hearing later. But we wanted to report that Washington DC insiders say the current Committee leadership seems to have bought into a pretty radical vision of public lands management. This means recreationists, both motorized and non-motorized, are going to have to keep the pressure on or else this legislation - and others - will take a turn for the very bad.
The Subcommittee will continue to take formal input on the legislation for another week or so. We'll keep our letter generator up in case anyone still hasn't sent a letter.
Also, we pasted some links to some news stories and op-eds about the hearing below.
Finally, I wanted to take a minute and talk about how important it is to leverage our numbers.
According to the most accurate data available, over 28 percent of Montana's residents are OHV enthusiasts. Clearly, we have the numbers to become a political force. One of the reasons so many roads and trails are being closed is because too many remain silent.

As a BRC member, or a member of any of the other great organizations in Montana, you are part of the solution. Everyone at BRC appreciates your support. Its not just a slogan - Membership is Our Lifeblood!
Please consider asking your friends, family and fellow OHV users to speak up. Silent voices = closed lands.
Ric Foster and Brian Hawthorne
Public Lands Department
BlueRibbon Coalition

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