When Did I Become Bad?

The Lyin King

Public Lands Advocate
"I do not want anything new, no new trails, no new areas. I just want to preserve the access to what I have.

But somewhere I have become a bad person. Because I do not believe we should shut down any form of mechanical access to most areas, I have become bad. Because I do not want to deny most lands to most people, I have become bad.

Wilderness designation is a failure, it denies too much to too many, we need to push for and educate the public for the designation of Back Country, a designation that makes sense. Back Country preserves the lands, but allows access Wilderness does not. Denying access to the public never works."

Read more here . . . When Did I Become Bad? - BlueRibbon Magazine
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I must be really bad then because I want more riding areas. Then again my wants and the reality are two different things. I'll settle for them leaving what we have alone.....

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