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I Fly Rhino's For a Living - UTVUnderground Approv
looks like a full house.............wounder if ill get baned for my spelling LOL....
lol You should be ok, I didn't see anything in the rules about it!
Just dont say nuttin about HCR and you'll be aight.....remember the Padre is fond of them
LOL...Welcome Turbo!! Glad you made it over!! No banning for spelling! I wont hold it against you as I too have issues from time to time! LOL as for the HCR thing, I think we have put that issue to bed over on RT and RF's!

Stick around over here! The weather is nice in the Underground!
NOW how about som stickers for my rides......and yes joey your right THE only time the HCR thing comes up is when someone ask now or im drunk .....LOL
LOL!! We got decals coming for you guys real soon!! I cant wait to get them into your hands! We got some sick plans to make some solid looking schwag (shirts, Hats, Stickers, etc....)

DTH...I might have to make that our slogan!! LOL

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