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go to the UTVUnderground where there is cool SHIAT
Bonneville Off-road Racing (B.O.R.) Is back and wants to include UTV racing for their race September 19th in Wendover Nevada.

They want your input and feedback to see what type of turn out they can get and what type of race course you would be interesed in running.

This is a post made by the new owner on the B.O.R. forum.

"We are working on a UTV stock class. details will be finaized (for now) in the next week or so. Minimal safety modifications IF we can get a seperate course for you guys. PLEASE PLEASE let us know if you want to race and how long of a loop you would like. right now we are thinking 10-15 loops - entrys would have to be lower for this group --OK g\uys give us suggestions. it would be coll to have 30 to 40 of these STOCK machines out racing."

If your interested at all check in on their forum www.boreracing.org and let them know. If people dont show up then I dont think they will try this again.

Spead the word and lets have some fun
Nothing huh? If their is someone who uses their SxS for more then getting the mail speak up.
I clicked on the link to thier website and could find no info on any upcoming races. The schedule page was a blank calander.
I clicked on the link to thier website and could find no info on any upcoming races. The schedule page was a blank calander.

The new web site just went up. Like I said new owners new image and so on.

Look on the forum their is more info their. I don't think you even need to sign up to read post.
I hope you guys can get this on! Let me know if we can help spread the word! Best of luck!
I hope you guys can get this on! Let me know if we can help spread the word! Best of luck!

Thanks for the offer. I'm not part of BOR I just don't want to show up to race against my self. Any advice to get people out would help. I will do what I can and pass along what I cant to The BOR owners.
Right on! Well pass it along that we are here to help if we can! Got any pics of your car?
A post on the BorRacing Forums from the BorRacing owner.

UTV race: Minimal safety because you are not running with big vehicles. you must have at minimum stock safety equipment. It is strongly recommended that you have a fuel safe type fuel cell and upgrade your seat belts. This is for a stock class only. mods that help you go faster will require additional safety equipment. If we have enough UTVs that have mods (3 or more) we will have a stock and modified class. Fee is the same as ATV $60. I just went around the course today and it will be awesome. We are up in the mountains quite a bit and we are also down in the valleys that have seen a lot of use, but we think it will be a great loop for the UTV and ATV crowd. You can tech at the race.NOTE: No one is REQUIRED to tech on the 29th, we are doing this in hopes of educating the racers for what they need when they do show up. you can tech at the race if you want to. Please come out and join us as this is a first for our organization and we want to judge the response so we can plan this group into our series for next year. More info to follow...I am tired. AG
More new info from the BORRacing Forum

2 laps of 35 miles for the side by sides and 4 wheelers for a total of 70 miles. 2 laps of 75 miles for all other classes for a total of 150. total time limit is 8 hours. there will be limited piting up in the back side mountain section so we will be running a pit support trailer there.

Tech will be from 11am until 9pm Friday Sept. 18th

Drivers meeting will be 20 minutes before the race for side by sides and 4 wheelers and your race will start at aproximatly 6:30am

Drivers meeting for car and truck classes will be 1 hour before the race and your race will start at aproximatly 11:00am

Wendover is busy this time of year with speed week so rooms will get taken early for those of you who miss out on rooms there will be camping allowed at the main pit area.

This is a new course and about 3/4 of it has never been raced before. the new section takes you up through the mountains accross the upper flats west of wendover and drops back down through the canyons into the wendover valley. VERY COOL NEW COURSE!!!
So I just wanted to let people know I took my Teryx to the 4wheel parts this morning for the pre tech. First off I want to say every one I talked with has super friendly and really want to help. Next The point they made was UTV class is here to appeal to the masses not to get the $40K full on race SxS's out their but to get the people that enjoy their UTV and would like to have some fun racing. A UTV is one of the most affordable ways to race so they dont want people to spend a ton of money doing stuff they don't need but still want every one to be safe.

Due to the intake, exhaust and CDI my UTV will race in the modified class. I will need to add some type of leg minder or door and also window nets. Their was an offer to help me with getting window nets made to fit if needed at what sounded to me like a reasonable price. IT was also suggested I change or add gussets to my harness bar since it was only 1" .095.

I don't feel like any of these changes is unreasonable as I planed to do doors and window nets anyways. I'm posting a pic of my machine so others can see where I'm at now for comparison.

I also want to say I have a tube bender welder some other basic fab tools so if their are other UTV'S that need some help getting race legal I will help where I can.

Anyone showing up from the UTV underground?

If anyone needs help getting ready for the stock or modified class let me know.
Next race: WENDOVER 250 (Sept. 19 weekend)



* Registration and tech inspection will be Friday from 10:00 am to about 6:00 pm in the pits.
* Drivers meeting will be at Rainbow Casino's Convension Hall (thanks Matt) on Friday at 7:00 pm. Drivers meeting is MANDATORY.
* The pre-run will start at 1:00 pm on Friday. 25 mile per hour speed limit.


* Late registration will be Saturday morning from 6:00 am - 10:00 am in the pits.
* UTV & ATV start at first daylight (7:00 'ish)
* Trucks & buggies start at 11:00 am.
* Award ceremony will be in the pits after the race.
Just wanted to let every one know the race happened and was a blast. Their where only 4 UTV's that showed up and I was the only one to have a DNF. The course was a blast! Alot of fun for UTV's. It kinda suck their was really no interest in it. Great course low entry fee well planed plus it was just cool to be their and see the other trucks and buggies. I talked with the owner Allen at the race and it sounds like they will try and keep the UTV class open next year with maybe three different classes stock stock modified and modified. He said they had a ton of phone calls emails and all around interest but for what ever reason people just didn't show. So for any one interested in desert racing with BOR sounds like they will give us at least one more shot. Next race will be spring 2010.


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