Welcome Wally World!!!!!



UTVUnderground Members, join us in welcoming the NEWEST sponsor to the Underground! WALLY WORLD!!!

Rick "Wally World" Wallace is 3 sponsors in one! He brings to us a lifetime of off road experience and just like most of us is, an avid off road and UTV enthusiast.

Wally will be representing and sponsoring the Trips and Rides section of the site. You will see his SideXSide Outfitterz logo but if you pay attention to his banner ad you will see not only does Wally own and operate Side X Side Outfitterz he is also the man behind Wally World Designs and Americas Adventure Tours.

Side x Side Outfitterz

As a painter Wally World Designs has been a part of some of off roads most storied race cars and trucks. Painting everything from Million Dollar Trophy Trucks, SXS's, and everything in between, Wallys work can be seen at every major race or off road event. I was lucky enough to have Wally to throw down on my car and I couldnt be happier with the results. He was timely and curtious and his work is second to none. I recomend giving Wally your buisness when you are looking for the best painter around!!! You will not be dissapointed.

WallyWorldDesigns.com COMING SOON!!!!

Wally's newest venture is America's Adventure Tours. The name says it all! Wally leads you on an adventure that includes food, camping, and excitement. One of his most popular tours is from Mesquite, NV to the Grand Canyon of Arizona. This amazing tour takes you off road in your SXS for 2-3days of the most fun you can have with your clothes on!!!!!!

Adventure Tours

Read all about a trip that Jon Crowley of UTV Guide and other UTV notables took with Wally to the Grand Canyon in their UTV's that was featured in Side X Side Action Magazine!

Please take a minute to welcome Wally and check out all he has to offer. Trust me when I say you wont meet a better guy to hang out with, talk UTV's with, and do buisness with.

For now enjoy some of his work!!!!

Wally's Teryx
Kawasaki Teryx

Wally's Adventure RZR and the infamous Rat Rod RZR
Polaris RZR

Wally's Adventure Rhino
Yamaha Rhino


Rat Rod


Alan Pflueger's TT


Mike Lasher's Kawasaki's


Alan Pflueger's old TT


John Harrah's Beautiful Pre Runner Chevy



John Harrah's Masterpeice In Metal AlumiCraft Pre Runner



Fat Rod
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I love the idea of a utv adventure vacation, I certainly are one in my familys future.
oh yeah, I have already been talking to Wally about going on one. We may need to round up a few of the Underground's faithful and line up a trip!!!! I would love to take my wife but its hard to leave the kids so I may "sacrifice" and go with a buddy! If anyone dares ride shotgun with me! LOL
Right on Wally! Been on quite a few adventures with Wally and they have all been big fun. If you ever get the chance to go for a ride with Wally, jump. Just be sure to bring me and my camera along too!
Wally is the man!!!

I'm down to ride shotgun in the Fat Rod Joey....
Welcome Wally, oh wait that sounds weird considering i get to spend every Tuesday with ya and you're constantly yelling at me through the intercom of the race car... LOL :D

Wally is truly a very talented guy! He never fails to amaze me with the paint work and design that he has done. i can't imagine how he finds time to do it all. Rumor on the street is he has never missed a deadline for a paint job to be done. It truly says something when you can pick up a copy of Dirt Sports and find at least one of his paint jobs in every issue of the magazine.

Keep up the good work man!
Welcome Wally, been around desert racing for awhile and your jobs are definately "TOPNOTCH". I'm in for the Grand Canyon trip, give me enough time to get the days off, been trying to get the rapids thing going but can't seem to reserve it in time.
Met Wally (and Jon for that matter) at UtvRally '07. He was our guide on Gold Bar/Spike. Good to hear your keeping busy Wally.

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