Yamaha wedding rhino build


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now accepting donations for my rhino build was hope'n to have it built by the wedding but not goin to happen so decided to start a charity thread hahahahaha if you would care to contribute to this build pm me i will be more than happy to work with you etc. we want to ride off in the rhino from the wedding reppin the UNDERGROUND all the way home:eek:
got my beadlocks about a week ago n i jus went up to hi dezert motorsports n picked up cage n custom bumper set up... have pics 2mrw... so that dented the wallet doin wat i can well lets c um seat bases, mastercraft hi-back seats(or equvilant cloth seat) 5 point harnesses, afe intake, muzzy exhaust, brp ecu n sheave, magnum long travel kit... u no purty much everything lol... or a FAT CHECK hahahaha...
might want to wait on the wedding and just focus on the rhino for now ! seems you have a lot of work to do lol
THAT IS VERY TRUE ! Or when they are preg having to worry about planning trips around them. Hey where do I sign up for the 2 seat cage..... LMAO
one the sonner we are married the better cuz she is way worth the wait on the rhino... also she is helping with the rhino muhahaha.... got alot of people piching in for wedding so not alot out of pocket.... jus working around my debt.... here are sum pics


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hey me too- I'm getting married saturday- I want some free stuff.:eek:

I need a rotax swap and some beadlocks :D

dam kyle congrats to you and sara bro wish you guy and gal good luck nice have fun and dont get to blasted..........................:D
hey i havnt had one single package arrive on my doorstep yet not one part:confused: wat gives :eek: hahahaha

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