Retired - And Still UTVUNderground Approved!!!!
In San Diego no less. Dont know much else except they plan to offer a UTV class.
Click>> NORRS

UPDATE 11/28/09
Short track in San Diego no less. Dont know much about them other than they have a web site, announced classes, entry fee's & a purse.
Heres the info, Ill put it up as I get it.

We just wanted to update everyone on NORRS.

We will be running the following classes with the following driver registration fees:

2 and 4 Expert Truck Modified - $900.00 - Win : 4000.00
Expert Lite Truck Modified - $900.00 - Win : 4000.00
Expert Buggy Modified - $800.00 - Win : 3000.00
Expert Buggy Stock - $800.00 - Win : 3000.00
Stock Buggy - $600.00 - Win : 2400.00
Stock Buggy - $600.00 - Win : 2400.00
Sportsman Truck Open - $400.00 - Win : 1800.00
Sportsman Truck Limited - $400.00 - Win : 1800.00
Sportsman Truck Lite - $400.00 - Win : 1800.00
UTV Expert - $450.00 - Win : 2000.00
UTV Sportsman - $400.00 - Win : 1800.00

KART Rookie - $150.00 - Win : 1000.00
KART Stock - $150.00 - Win : 1000.00
KART Modified - $150.00 - Win : 1000.00

Races will generally be the 3rd weekend of each race month with no Race in June.

The series championship will be end of Nov early Dec.

The series will be in Southern California.

The series is being produced by VSS Entertainment. The staff that is going to be acutally running the racing come from over 25 years of event racing experience and actual racing. (some are drivers) This series as can be seen above is being made affordable to all including sponsors, spectators and most of all the ACTUAL racers.

We want your input, we want suggestions. With out you (racers), it would just be a bunch of trucks sitting on a track....


National Off Road Racing Series
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Bump for update, Rog prolly knows more about this than hes letting on.;)
The NEW NORRS Series.......

This was taken from UTVGuide.net..........

Saturday, February 7, 2009
The National Off Road Racing Series (NORRS)
The National Off Road Racing Series (NORRS) is proud to announce it will be holding its short course racing series in Southern California. With seven race weekends scheduled for 2009 and 15 races ending in a world class championship, the NORRS series will be the premiere short course off road racing experience.
“We are happy to be able to provide affordable racing for both race teams and spectators for our upcoming season that will be a great experience for all, said COO Wessly Carr. This series will provide the side by side racing action that fans of short course racing want to see and also provide a professional racing experience for teams across the US. Being backed by a non-biased entertainment company allows us to invite racers across the United States and into Mexico for exciting racing action. For the fans it will be affordable even in this economy so that the average family can enjoy a full day of entertainment and racing.â€ÂÂ
The series will be primarily held in San Diego, California, due to its mild weather and relatively easy travel time from anywhere in Southern California. NORRS is currently developing a track that features a 1200-foot straight, banked turns, whoops, S-turns and other great features. Located at the north end of San Diego it will be conveniently accessible for Southern California fans and drivers.

The 2009 NORRS Schedule is as follows:
· May 16-17 - San Diego
· July 11-12 - San Diego
· Aug 29-30 - San Diego
· Sept 19-20 - TBA
· Oct. 10-11 - San Diego
· Nov 21-22 - TBA
· Dec 12-13 Series Championship - San Diego

The NORRS class lineup and entry fee schedule per weekend is as follows:
· 2 and 4 Expert Truck Modified - $900.00
· Expert Lite Truck Modified - $700.00
· Expert Buggy Modified - $800.00
· Expert Buggy Stock - $800.00
· Sportsman Buggy Modified - $600.00
· Sportsman Buggy Stock - $600.00
· Sportsman Truck Open - $400.00
· Sportsman Truck Limited - $400.00
· Sportsman Truck Lite - $400.00
· UTV Expert - $450.00
· UTV Sportsman - $400.00
· KART Rookie - $150.00
· KART Stock - $150.00
· KART Modified - $150.00

Payouts are some of the highest on the West Coast, at two to four times the weekend entry fee. NORRS will make sure that racing is affordable to drivers as well as being affordable to fans including the family. Why race this series. because the payouts will be better than anything last year and the cost of registration will be lower than anything last year of the same level. Fans will be able to attend the races without costing an arm and a leg. Most of all the organization, as a whole, is flexible and non biased. We will listen to the drivers, because without them we have no race series!
NORRS brings exciting short course off road racing for drivers of all types and ages. From children, to Sportsmen, to Professional drivers behind the wheel of 800 horsepower trucks flying over 150 feet.
For more information, check out the NORRS website at http://www.norrs.com


We have added all the NORRS race dates to our calendar
Welcome to 3 weeks ago boss.;)


Seriously though.
These guys have taken a real beating on RD, credibility issuies, knowledge off road, a series backer & staff no one has ever heard of, they say they have 50mil to play with, Joey you live in North County, where do you think they are building a CORR sized facility without anyone knowing?
They have been understandibly vauge about its location but word does get out.
Sorry Doug, I knew it had been discussed!! I will merge the 2 threads....

The facility they HAVE to be reffering too is the NEW Pala Faciltiy on Pala Reservation next to the casino. This facility will be the REAL DEAL!! I will try and find the info I had on it!!!!
I was just dicking with ya but you sure about Pala? In an email they sent me they claimed it wasnt Pala. Pala is planned to have offroad but the original guys developing it are riders and were starting with the MX side of things first.

Your probably right though & what I got was a decoy.

I got a question, how come everytime I post I have to go back fix teh & tehy??

God I gotta stop doing that.
For Immediate Release:

San Diego, CA (February 17, 2009) NORRS, National Off Road Racing Series is proud to announce that it has worked with CBS to bring its racing series to TV in High Definition.

"We are delighted to bring the exciting short course off road racing to CBS Sports. Being able to broadcast the series in HD will allow the most detail. Also we will be able to feature not just the Pro Classes but also have other classes on the program such as Buggy and UTV, as well as Sportsman Highlights. We are building a partnership with CBS Sports recognizing the experience that CBS brings to the table as well as the excellent talent behind the scenes." said Wesley Carr, COO of NORRS.

This package is designed to be airing nationwide on the CBS network, thus reaching the most viewers.

VSS Entertainment will handle the production of the series using over 8 HD cameras to capture the excitement both stationary and mobile.

About NORRS:

The series will be primarily held in San Diego, CA due to its mild weather and relatively easy travel time from anywhere in Southern California.

NORRS brings exciting short course off road racing for drivers of all types and ages. From Children to Sportsman to Professional Drivers behind the wheel of 800hp trucks flying over 150 feet.

For more information contact:
Wesley Carr
wcarr@norrs.com 760-746-2434 x105

For media contact:
Aryn Oswalt
Media Coordinator
aoswalt@norrs.com 760-746-2434 x107
They announced Sunoco as their official fuel over the weekend as well.
For me its Motoworld :rolleyes: 5 gallons at a time

Honestly the whole NORRS thing is suffering a huge credibility issue. Almost like someone started an internet prank but theres theres just enough interest in it to keep it going, time will tell.
I did get a response in regards to helping them promote as well as media pass's??? But there is still a wierd feeling to this not being very legit.....
Lots of talk about this one on RDC.

Im not sure they have a clue to be honest but seem to have some backing.
Great News Guys!!! NORRS looks to be FOR REAL!! I was contacted by one of the brass at NORRS who was reading our site and he assured me NORRS was for real and told me that CBS would not have jumped on board if this series wasnt for REAL!! He would not confirm exactly where the track is located, citing not wanting to be flooded with requests for photoshoots and practicing right now until it was complete. BUt that the track WOULD BE between ESCONDIDO and TEMECULA (Interstate15)! I am still thinking PALA!!!

NORRS WILL be giving lots of attention to the UTV racing class and will be giving the UTV's air time!! The UTV's will not be looked at as a novelty or time fill race class but rather a legitimate class with a special focus put on it!

I was told that UTV Teams and Racers should sign up NOW and EARLY to guarantee PRIME PIT LOCATIONS. They will be selecting pit locations by order of registration so to guarantee a location in the pits you should register early!!

The first race is in May and you can bet that UTVUnderground will be there and will be paying close attention to the series and all developments surrounding it!!!

So lets get it going!!!!! This could be the new CORR!!???????????? Only time will tell!!
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