Traffic Alert For Lucas Oil race fans this weeknd.


TRAFFIC ALERT!! Lucas Oil Offroad Race this Weekend!! Ramp Closures!!

This just in from Caltrans-

There will be a 55 hour closure in effect of the Northbound Interstate 15 connector ramps from Interstate 10 West and East as well as the Northbound 4th street ramp in Ontario. The closure will begin at 10pm on Friday and last until 5am Monday. Caltrans will have detour signs.
************************************************** ***********

I recommend anybody coming from Los Angeles or points East heading to the race this weekend to travel on the 215 freeway.​
Rusty I am coming from San Diego. Do I still take the 215 & what exit gets us to Glen Helen ? We are coming up for Saturday's race.
if your coming from the north take devore, you have to drive through a park, Kendall is almost a straight road from the south to the raceway.
I go up the 215 and exit at Palm AVE. I hang a left and go under the freeway and then over the railroad tracks and follow the signs.
hey rusty palm and kendall are the same exit and from SD if you guys go up the 15 and back down the 215 it is faster most of the time (traffic) .....the 215 sends you out to perris/ san bernadino and back the 15 is a straight shot
<table class="ddr_steps" id="ddr_steps_0"><tbody><tr class="dirsegment selected" id="step_0_5" jsaction=";mouseover:dirstep.mouseover;mouseout:dirstep.mouseout" jsprops="ri:0;si:5"><td class="dirsegtext" id="dirsegtext_0_5">Turn right to merge onto I-215 N</td><td class="cbicon">
</td><td class="sdist">24.9 mi
</td></tr><tr class="dirsegment" id="step_0_6" jsaction=";mouseover:dirstep.mouseover;mouseout:dirstep.mouseout" jsprops="ri:0;si:6"><td class="num">7.</td><td class="dirsegtext" id="dirsegtext_0_6">Take exit 34A to merge onto I-215 N toward San Bernardino/<wbr>Barstow</td><td class="cbicon">
</td><td class="sdist">16.3 mi
</td></tr><tr class="dirsegment" id="step_0_7" jsaction=";mouseover:dirstep.mouseover;mouseout:dirstep.mouseout" jsprops="ri:0;si:7"><td class="num">8.</td><td class="dirsegtext" id="dirsegtext_0_7">Take exit 50 for Palm Ave toward Kendall Dr</td><td class="cbicon">
</td><td class="sdist">0.2 mi
</td></tr><tr class="dirsegment" id="step_0_8" jsaction=";mouseover:dirstep.mouseover;mouseout:dirstep.mouseout" jsprops="ri:0;si:8"><td class="num">9.</td><td class="dirsegtext" id="dirsegtext_0_8">Turn left at Palm Ave</td><td class="cbicon">
</td><td class="sdist">0.6 mi
</td></tr><tr class="dirsegment" id="step_0_9" jsaction=";mouseover:dirstep.mouseover;mouseout:dirstep.mouseout" jsprops="ri:0;si:9"><td class="num">10.</td><td class="dirsegtext" id="dirsegtext_0_9">Continue onto Institution Rd</td><td class="cbicon">
</td><td class="sdist">1.2 mi
</td></tr><tr class="dirsegment" id="step_0_10" jsaction=";mouseover:dirstep.mouseover;mouseout:dirstep.mouseout" jsprops="ri:0;si:10"><td class="num">11.</td><td class="dirsegtext" id="dirsegtext_0_10">Turn right at Verdemont Ranch Rd Destination will be on the left

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