Took the Rugged Rhino Out....


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And I rolled it end over end!

Just kidding :D

Took the rhino out to Pismo Friday night, most of the day Saturday and this morning. Learned some things:

Need an Odyssey battery and alternator kit BADLY.... Rhino wants to die when all 8 HIDs are on, had to shut down to just 4 mostly!

Sand in the face from hitting bottoms of dunes that are too steep isnt fun!

Need to fix a few rattles in the bed delete area... annoying!

Listening to music while hauling ass at 50 mph down sand highway and then being able to talk to the gf in a normal voice is AWESOME!

A few pics and videos of a cool roller we found.




Bumped out!


Video: Rhino :: MOV06519.flv video by SandInspiredKustomz - Photobucket
Thanks Danny! Talked to a few happy customers of yours, including a guy from Hayward up in the bay that you did a Rotax swap for and threw your LT on. Also turned a few others your way that I took for a ride and were amazed at the ride quality :D

This thing needs some balls though! We wanna go FASTER!
Ya Jim we definitely want some.... anyone know of any availible? What do you guys think.. 7 or 8 paddle?
7 it is then... on the 660 we are gonna leave it pretty much as is, we are adding a dual alternator kit and odyssey battery today. Have an exhaust en route and a bronco clutch ready to install, just need to find time.
Check with Jimmyz @ BYC motorsports Or Mike @ Utv Unleashed. Jimmy is on vacation until next monday tho...definatly stay with the 7 paddle
I have never been to pismo with the toys but have went down there for a weekend to check it out, i really want to make a trip out there with the rhino and the dirt bike ! Seems like there is alot of cool jumps out there and just riding in general.

The Rugged rhino has came a long way since I first seen pics, thing looks sweet. Hey what intercomm set-up are you using ???? lol :D

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