All UTV's Thank You BRM, Weller, FOX, and Bronco


Well I need to take a minute out to thank a few people. On thursday morning, about 2 hours into my first ride my 660 motor took a crap. Not sure just yet what happened but it lost all power and then once I shut it down all compression was gone and would not start up.

I though my weekend was done until I got towe over tot he boys at Bakersfield Rhino who had their fully stocked parts trailer on vender row right by where we were camped. They told me if I get a motor they could have it in in no time. So I imediatly called Jason Weller and asked if he had a motor I could get for him since I knew he was coming out to Glamis. He said he didnt have one just yet but would call me back. Within a bout 1/2hr he called back and said he could build me my 720cc Stroker and have it out to me Late Friday early Saturday. On friday he called to tell me it had dynod at 55hp and was in route with him!

SO I tore the car down to the tubes in about an 1hr 30min and hung out the rest of thursday and friday. One thing I did do was take my shocks to the FOX Racing set up at the Dune Tour where they were valving and dialing in peoples shocks all weekend. Mark and Ross at FOX took my rear shocks and vaved them a bit more and really got my car dialed in!!!!

On saturday morning we started gathering the parts to put the new motor in. It was then I called Bronco Dan Kelly to discuss the clutch situation, BRM had 4 of the Bronco's int he trailer so we went ahead and decided to go dry clutch!

By saturday evening the boys at BRM had the motor installed, carb jetted, and I had the car back together in time to take all the kids trick or treating. I ran it to the hill that night and had a blast in it all morning on Sunday until we headed home. I cant wait to get back out and enjoy my new found power!!!!!!!

Thanks again to all these guys who helped me out. They didnt have to do it whatsoever but they did and for that I am forver in debt to Weller, BRM, and Bronco.

oh yeah, and my boy Justin facterrrrrryfmf did throw down a bit too! Thanks homie! Good seeing you as always!

Also John from Mendoza's helped out as did Mike Lasher of PGI Media. Tahnks to everyone who contributed and helped me get back on all 4's!
Hey Joey - it was good seeing you out there - sorry your weekend didn't go as planned, but glad we could help! Duning is way more fun with power, anyway!! :)
Jason, Jeff and Corry are the best! Congrats on your new motor and clutch a great combo that you will never regret having.
Congrats Joey. Good people out there that helped you. That is way cool. Glad you got a few good runs in with the family. Bet they really enjoyed that.

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