Team AGM Story

Yeah the poor guys....then they had to finish pre running the next day!! This was all only 3 days before the race!! The team was wiped out!!

They are a great group of guys!! Our buddy sam who is in a few of those pics will be one of the new sponsors here soon. He does some great aluminum work and fab work.

Bryan, the team manager and co driver for Armin Schwartz is also a member here int he Underground and is a huge supporter of the site!!

The entire AGM team is a great group of guys, a real class act! Rusty5150 is a full fledged member of the team, I am a baja tag along!! LOL I wish I could do more......

Thats a biatc4 while getting unstuck but oh what a story 2 weeks later....Atleast the tide was not involved!!!
I was joking with Brian teh team manager today about how the story is ont he front page of RDC and is now on our site....I told it is was such an awesome story! He looked at me and goes Awesome for those that didnt have to go through it!!! LOL

They are prepping for the SF 250!! We wish AGM all the luck!!! They are the raining Class 1 winners of the SF 250

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