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MIC and SVIA Petitions for Temporary Final Rule re: ATVs and Dirtbikes

WARNING: Youth ATVs and dirtbikes can no longer be sold! A Consumer Product Safety Commission-related crisis regarding the huge consumer product law passed last August has had the unintended consequence of banning the sale of ATVs and dirtbikes for use by young people. You must send a letter to Congress immediately!

Link to issue and "canned" letter . . . http://www.arra-access.com/campaign/consumer_product_safety
Thanks for posting. This is unbelievable that we even have to fight for this one:mad: Where is Honda, Yamaha, and all the main motorcycle builders with this?
Where are the Manufacturers?

Five ATV distributors, American Honda Motor Co., Inc, American Suzuki Motor Corp., Polaris Industries, Yamaha Motor Corp., USA, and Kawasaki Motors Corp, intervened in this case in support of the CPSC’s decision to terminate the rulemaking.

However, seventeen state attorneys general, appearing as amici curiae, urged the court to grant the consumer groups’ petition.

BTW . . . MIC is the "Motorcycle Industry Council" (http://www.mic.org/members/membership/directory.pdf) and SVIA is the "Special Vehicle Institute of America" (http://www.svia.org/About/Members.aspx), all of the aforementioned manufacturers belong to these organizations.
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Punch a liberal in the face

This is just stupid. This country is going down the POOPER!!!!!!!!!

Our government is completely out of touch with reality! Today they are banning motorcycles and guns, tomorrow everything and anything else they chose. We are watching our freedoms and liberties being stripped from beneath our very feet. If people don’t start standing up to this liberal BS our kids will not be living in that same free country we were raised in. Time to stand up and let yourself be heard!!!

Once you’ve read this article please go to this website and sign the letter that will be sent for you. We need to be heard!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yesterday, a law went into effect prohibiting the sale of minicycles to children under the age of 13 as a result of the lead content in the machines (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008, Title I, Section 101). This law, which arguably applies to both motorcycles and ATVs, treats any children's product that contains more lead than the limit established by law as a banned hazardous substance.

We have already begun to experience the devastating consequences of this new legislation upon our sport, as OEMs have already pulled these machines from their showroom floors. Youth racing is the foundation of our sport. That is when most of you fell in love with motorcycles in the first place, only to grow up to bring your own kids back to the racetracks. Only now, they can't ride.

On behalf of MX Sports (Loretta Lynn's), Racer Productions (GNCC), and ATVPG (ATV Amateur Nationals), we are extremely concerned with the short- and long-range effects of this new legislation, as the first rounds in all of our various series are less than two weeks away, and all include classes for youth racers under the age of 13. But it's not just our events - WORCS, NMA, Mini Os, SETRA, etc., are all adversely impacted.

It is our opinion that the new law is inapplicable to off-highway motorsports, as neither motorcycles nor ATVs have the potential for ingestion, and lead from motorcycles is not likely to be absorbed into the bloodstream or present a health hazard. Let's face it - when was the last time someone swallowed a motorcycle? Any other interpretation would be silly. Be that as it may, the law will continue to adversely affect our industry unless and until an exemption is granted.

Presently, there is a petition for an immediate temporary exemption pending before the Consumer Product Safety Commission ("CPSC") filed by the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) on behalf of the OEMs, distributors, and industry associations. This petition, if granted, would enable our industry to move forward this racing season while the applicability of the law to the off-highway industry is determined.

What can you do?

A form letter for submission to the CPSC in support of the petition for exemption is available here as prepared by the MIC. The letter will also be available this weekend at the Indy tradeshow. Simply print out one copy for each person in your family and submit it ASAP. In the meantime, AMA is preparing a letter for submission by its membership to the CPSC. Be on the lookout for that one as well.

Also, an electronic form letter has been prepared by State Representative Tom Self of Missouri. Please go his website at www.tomself.com. Just fill in your name and address and hit "Submit" to register your support. Please submit this letter on behalf of every member of your family - regardless of age.

What else can you do?

Contact your congressmen and senators; let them know that this legislation will have the unintended consequences of crippling an entire industry. Surely, it could not have been the spirit or intent of the new law to apply to motorcycles or bicycles (which apparently have lead in the brake cables).

Time is of the essence. The very future of our sport and of our industry depends on this. We must support the pending petition before the commencement of the national racing season.

At some point Americans need to step up and quit being pushed around by our government. It may be bikes today, but it might be our freedom tomorrow. I think Thomas Jefferson Said it best:

A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.
-Thomas Jefferson

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
-Thomas Jefferson

Every citizen should be a soldier. This was the case with the Greeks and Romans, and must be that of every free state.
-Thomas Jefferson

Every generation needs a new revolution.
-Thomas Jefferson

Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.
-Thomas Jefferson

Our country is now taking so steady a course as to show by what road it will pass to destruction, to wit: by consolidation of power first, and then corruption, its necessary consequence.
-Thomas Jefferson

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.
-Thomas Jefferson
Signed !!....this is ridiculous, we need to start wakin up people...Thanks for posting Bob and Rusty
Signed it, i assure you if I am forced to purchase a bike or quad that is too big and my child gets injured you will see the first of many lawsuits against our gov!!!
That law has been in for a wile under the same law that a youth cant buy a atv or dirtbike. And yes the great country is going down the tubes and if you didnt see it comming your f@#KeD
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Why don't we just give up, let the "Greens" and OUR Government rule our Lives?


I grow weary of all the reasons folks post for their lack of Advocacy. Many will state opinions but few will actually try to make a difference.

Everyone has some excuse for why something won't fly but few will contribute their time or money to Access Advocacy efforts.

Freedom of speech is great and I’m all for it but perhaps we as a community should spend some time and money exercising that privilege where it will make the most difference, which would be with our Public Servants and National Advocacy Organizations.

Petitions won't make the impact that a phone call or personal letter to your Elected Officials would.

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so is this in affect right now or can i go get my kid a quad right know or do i have to get one from a private party................im lost with this crap
Feb. 10, 2009 is when it started, applies to many ATVs and dirt bikes sized for youth 12 or under, call your local dealer for model availability.
ok so its just not legal for dealers to sell youth atv but i can buy from private party........
The way the law reads now I believe it even affects folks throwing a yard sale.

I don't see anyway they can prevent you from making a purchase from a private party be it legal or not, but DMV and OHV stickers may be problematic.

Call your local DMV if you intend to register it and inquire before making the buy.
The CPSC has pushed this ruling since the days of the 3-wheelers (when the CPSC was created by the manufacturers) When the 10 year decree ran out on the 3-wheelers and Quads, the CPSC pushed for age limits and mandated that manufacturers offer free safety training. They even sent undercover agents into dealerships and posed as buyers. This is no surprise that they have taken away the right for children to experience all that riding has to offer. Follow the links, write your congressman!

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