SideXSide Action Spotlights UTVUnderground & Saboba GP



Big props to UTVUnderground Member and Sponsor Mike L. of PGI Media and Side X Side Action for giving me the opportunity to highlight the Soboba GP for Side X Side Action Magazine. I also want to thank him for spotlighting UTVUnderground.Com.

Not to be forgotten is UTVUnderground Member Jon "Crowdog" Crowley for introducing me to Mike L. and PGI Media! These 2 guys are big reason that we are the fastest growing UTV community on the net!!!!

Read the articles here!!!!

Side X Side Action Issue 23

Read the SXS Stadium Series Round3 Report here.....
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Thanks Scott!!! Its pretty cool to see an article I wrote make it to print....

Dan Fernandez! We made your back and rain coat famous!! hahahahha
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very cool joey!!! great write up!!! im stoked the ad i designed a while back printed in that issue too. the next ad will have a utv underground logo too!!!:D
Its cool to see pictures we took in a magazine. I like the UTVUNDERGROUND add in the back of the mag with Dans car jumping.
damn look at you Joey doing your damn thing ! sweet write up on one messy race also putting the underground on the map !!!! LOL
Great write up I enjoyed reading the article... super messy race huh!!!!!! props to all that finished!!!!
Good job Joey!!!
Coooool! Bummed to see all the sponsors werent listed in the listing of "Sponsors" though.
Yeah, I think there was some confusion. In the origional email/news release they listed our sponsos but there were 3 that were left off. So I sent an email asking if it was too late to add them inot the print version. Somehoe I thinkt hey thought I just wanted those 3? I was bummed too but when we get all those people checkin us out they will see our boys Rugged Radios!!!!! Best Radios around!!!

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