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Just thought I would share a my experience with Matt @ Rugged. I had a little glitch with a mic in one of my helmets that I had bought from Rugged a little bit ago. Called Matt, he told be to send it to him and he would take a look at it for me. So I did (like 3 weeks after I called, my bad) that was this past Tuesday 07-02-09. Called Matt the next day (Wed)to tell him the helmet was on it's way, he said he would look at it and call me. I didn't get a call on Thursday, but when I got home from work there was my helmet. All fixed up, even re glued the inlet for my fresh air hose that was loose. Another great thing, is all that I payed for was the shipping. Can't get better that that.

People that haven't used Rugged, don't know what they are missing. Great products, standup people, and spactacular service.

Thanks Again MATT....

Mike Valentine
Very cool!! Rugged Radios continue to exceed expectations!!! Good to see you at LOORRS Mike! Make sure to call me up!!

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