Other RUESCH Panther 1000

They were supposed to show up to the SxS Shootout in January, but did not show. I tried to get them out to the Dune Tour, and that didn't happen either.

The engine looks impressive. I think it is made by ATK.

I have not had the opportunity to drive any Ruesch UTV yet, so I am holding my opinion until then.
i have heard from a few that the older rueshs aint good at all and break alot. the panther 1000 on paper looks great but we will see when some start buying them and the reports are widespread on how they are. If its True and the motor is a ATK thats gonna be one awesome powerplant. It reminds me of the folan motors that are used in europe in dualsport bikes
I'd like to see him blitz some 2-3 foot woops pined out if it can handel 50 miles of that with no problems then well talk about it, we all know anyone can rip around a parking lot with little or no problems I want to see it boost some air and blast some woops. my 3 cents
I agree....big deal it can do some donuts on some dusted concrete!!! LOL That video was a waste of time......I mean it is an off road vehicle right???
Guy bought one and on his second ride the shock tower welds broke over some whoops...Quality!:eek:
engine looks powerful, but there was an owner last month or so said he bought one and all the welds FAILED in the middle of a easy ride.
Ive got to say the samething, Show us some track footage. Even I can do donuts all day!:D
the body lines are almost exactly rhino body lines!!! and the chassis looks extremely identical!!! rhino with a rotax much better more quality!!!!
I have heard on another form that there joining up with fox to get the suspension dialed in, which would be good cause my fox shocks work great. As for the frame I hope they finger that one out before there is to much negative feedback and it put them out of buss
There was a Ruesch at the Dune Tour over at Fox's trailer. Not a new Panther, but it was getting some shock work done.
I also heard it is an ATK motor if it is it will be hard to beat for the money

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