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in the utv 2 class was swept by rzrs i dont no everyone there so very ruff. We took our desert car out there and entered the utv2 class and posted the fastest lap in our class & placed 3rd, we also layed it on its side in the first lap so we played catch up the rest of the race. I know in the utv1 holtz got first but there was a rhino doing very well until he broke an axle. This track was so muddy you couldnt see #. 45 min of racing 3hrs of cleaning
Sounds like you guys had alot of fun! I gotta ask, what do you do at the Stripping Shop?! :rolleyes:
Thanks for posting stripping shop!! go into the Racer and Race Team profiles page and post some pics of your desert racer and tell us a bit about yourself!! Thanks for joining the site....check your PM

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