IXCR SXS round 5


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Following a 10 week break for the IXCR sxs season we were back in Indiana for a great day of racing.
We started off on row 1 with the 10th spot of the top ten pro racers. When the Flag dropped we were off into a wall of dust. Luckily this was the only time dust was an issue. Heading into the woods the first challenging section of the course would be the Pro Hill. We hit it straight on and climbed our way to the top with ease. The woods section was fairly wide compared to the previous races we have done so far this year, making it nice to not have to worry how narrow every corner was or every section of trees was. The GBC Dirt Commanders gave the RZR turbo all the traction it needed for climbing in and out of the creeks. One of the most challenging sections of the course was a multi path creek crossing with at least 4 different paths to take that all would cross each other and lead back out of the woods. After getting out of the creek, the track would open up in the woods with a road crossing and into the check point/ finish line. Our Bold Racing Tuned shocks would handle all that the track would throw at them and was soaking it up. With each lap the ruts were getting bad and we were hitting more and more hidden objects. Brushing up against some trees and rocks, the Spangs Fab Rock sliders and cage did their job as we pivoted around each one, not having to worry about anything catching. On our 6th lap we approached the multi lane section of the course only to find one of the paths blocked by a broken and stuck X3 and the other path we would have been taking was blocked by a stuck SXS. Attempting to find a new way out of the creek we hit a small, but steep, creek bank and monster trucked our way up and over it a little too hard. A loud bang sounded from the rear end and we figured it was an axle. We got out of that section and stopped at the first clearing to assess the damage. Rear axles were just fine but we found the Stock U joint on the drive shaft had decided it had enough. We ended the day just as we left starting with the 10th spot in class and ending in 10th for the Heavy Pro class. Thanks to all my sponsors and everyone that helps me out.
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