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Well lowering the seats is sorda the easy part. Its the relocating fo the fuel cell from under the passanger seat and re doing the steering that makes dropping the seats tricky....

heres a picture to give you an idea of a prety cool seat drop. You can see the stick floorboards were still utilized. Fuel cell installed into the rear and lowered steering

4 inches is tough without some mods like Joey said, moving fuel tank is #1

also the clutch can come into play also, lowered seat bases and 1.5" drop and still move the fuel tank will get you close. depending on how tall you are, you might not move the steering or get a tilt wheel setup from doubletroublehooks???? can't remember who has them but Dorian probably knows.

Depending on where you are in your build or what you want to do, you can widen the frame/cage and drop them quite a ways, like the Magnum "milktruck" LOL
aint gonna happen without taking out the stock tank and doin a fuel cell or somethin and like rog said then you need to start looking at clearing the clutch. ect... that why you ususally see them on wide frames you can get lowered seat bases but i think there an inch at most. all the framing stays in the stock location
Rusty5150 says he will drop sme knowledge in detail regarding a seat drop. Give you some good insight as to steering and what not!
Seat Drop

The 1st step is deciding what you want. Depending on how low you go, you may have to do dash modifications. If you do a simple 4" seat drop than you can do simple steering mods.

Here is a list of things you will have to consider when doing a seat drop.
1. Move fuel cell
2. Move steering colum mount.
3. Move the seat back so the pedels arent so close. We had to angle the seat towards the pedals a little.
4. If your design doesnt use the stock floor boards, than you have to make a custom floor.

Seats are mounted to floor board on this seat drop.


This car is about 4" off the floor.



Great post Rusty!!!

I love that pic too Dan..I had that 4 seat cage for about a minute.....it got bolted on, laughed at, then SOLD!! All in a weeks time!! LMAO Heavy and U G L Y!!

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