Remember that tube frame race rhino on RDC?


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About a month ago or so. Does anyone know what happened to it? Or if any if you guys know of any blown up rhinos or tube frames or anything with no motorr, Im looking for one. Just got an 05 R1 motor that I want to put in one!
this chassis will be for sale around the end of next week, the whole car is gettin parted out, long travel is already sold.


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Whats the scoop on it? How much? Im interested

Looks like a stock rhino frame base so its all OEM arm mount locations?
yeah its johnys, were thinkin about 2k for just the chassis with the aluminum, the car has kbd urethane fenders that were only used at soboba grand prix but those are gonna be a little extra. the bottom frame rails are rhino fully gussted, the seat mounts are on the floor, would be an awesome car for a bike motor..
Was it on fire or something like that? Or is that just rust. DOM or Chromo?

I call dibs! Shoot me some more info or something if you can. Whos johnny?
Bummer, aint the same these days.

PM me your mailing address, got something I want to send you.
its raw dom that has had oil on it, not rusty just needs to be painted or powdered. never caught on fire.
Where are you located? You said aluminum too.... just the dash part shown or are there outside panels too?
OK, Im very interested. Please let me know when its stripped down and ready to sell, and if possible some more pictures. Thanks!
the car stripped, i will have some pictures of the panels on in a few hours


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I already have a brand new frame en route from Yamaha so its a few days too late anyways.

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