Starting order and other information for the

Pure “150” – Jan 26, 2019

California City, CA – January 2, 2019 - The starting order below is based on the top 10 Overall finishers at the previous race in 2018. The names of the drivers are listed below, and we will fill-in their race numbers once they are registered and either take their “earned” race number for the 2019 season or ask for a different number for the year.

At the next race in February, we will then take the top 10 from the PURE “150” above and that will be the starting order for that February event.

  1. Chris Blais #____ 12:00:00
  2. Robert Nuckles # ____ 12:00:03
  3. Charley Barney # ____ 12:01:00
  4. Bradley Howe # ____ 12:01:30
  5. Josh Meister # ____ 12:02:00
  6. Josh Wakeland # ____ 12:02:30
  7. Michael Pascarella # ____ 12:03:00
  8. Christian Weber # ____ 12:03:30
  9. Vern Raid # ____ 12:04:00
  10. Davin Sullivan # ____ 12:04:30
All other racers will be assigned a starting order (by Class) based on a drawing to be done on Saturday before the Drivers/Navigators meeting. The next driver whose number will be drawn will start at 12:05:00!

Once again, there will be no pre-running of the course, however, every racer will be given a course map and the “kml” file that you can convert to your needs or accept our “.usr” file or the extension you will need for you GPS unit. This will be done once you have checked-in and signed all documents on Saturday morning. You can upload the course file when you bring your vehicle for “tech” inspection in the morning.

REMEMBER: You must be signed up before race day and no later than the Friday before the event, by 6 p.m. Otherwise, you will pay an extra $100.00 as a “late fee” for your entry. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Also, if you wish to get a $50 discount on your entry you must sign up and pay for the entry 20 days I advance. In this case for the first event, you must have your entry in by January 6, 2019.

Hope to see many of you soon.


  1. First, it feels strange to sign up for an update as of 2019. I can remember thinking, that if I could live until the year 2000 that would be great…NOW TO THE ORDER OF BUSINESS:
  2. Because we are offering a $50 discount on your entry, 20 days before the event, the 20th-day offer is exactly Jan 6, which is a Sunday. Therefore, we have decided to extend that offer until Monday, Jan 7, at 6 p.m. Anyone sending the entry by 6 pm on Monday, Jan 7, 2019, will get a $50 discount, either as a Pro or Sportsman entry.
  3. Also, and this is very important. We would like to know from racers, which file “extension” you will need for your GPS. We plan on having on hand the following extensions on a SD card or Micro SD card:
    1. “kml” Google Earth
    2. “usr.” Lowrance
    3. “gpx” Leadnav
    4. What extension would you like if you have a Magellan? There are several options.
    5. Or any other extension you need in order to upload our “kml” race course file
    6. We can make the racecourse file as a “kml” as early as 7 pm on the Friday before the race, so you can make sure you have converted it exactly to your needs, before you coe to the race on Saturday..
    7. Moreover, you should store this conversion program below for future use: http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/gpsbabel/ -
    8. Remember, all our events are GPS-based events. Only Registered racer will receive the GPS information for that event.
  4. Remember, there will be NO-PRE-RUNNING OF ANY OF THE RACE COURSES IN 2019. This is our effort to make sure people don’t do anything to the course.
    1. You must be signed up no later than Friday, Jan 25 by 6 p.m.
    2. Otherwise, there will be an extra $100.00 added to your entry fee.
    3. We will open Registration, Late Registration and Check-in by 7 a.m. Race day
    4. Tech will open at 8 a.m.
    5. Issuing of “trackers” will start at 10 a.m.
    6. Drivers/Navigators & Pit Crew meeting at 11 a.m.
    7. “Staging” opens at 11:40 and must be staged no later than 11:50 a.m. or you will be relegated to the back of the line, but your starting time will remain the same.
    8. Race Start at 12:00 Noon!
  6. This race consists of four (4) 37.2 miles for each lap.
  7. First racer who completes four (4) laps will get the Checkered flag and will be pulled off the course to a specific “finishers” spot.
  8. All other racers will also get the Checkered flag once it has been displayed, no matter how many laps you may have completed.
  9. IMPORTANT: All “transponders” Must be returned at the finish line once you have completed the race. Officials will be there to take them from you.
  10. Those of you who may not finish and are broken down on the course, you must make sure that the “transponder” is returned to us before the end of the race. Failure to do so, may cost you $350.00 and/or loss of points.
  11. Regarding the course: We will send someone to go around the course to make sure everything is correct. This will take place from 8 a.m. until about 10 a.m., Race Day. That person or persons are NOT competitors in the event.
  12. Speed inside the scoring chute and around the pits remain maximum 25 MPH
  13. We also have a stop red light and green light at the scoring chute. You must come to a complete halt and only continue when the “green” light is given to you.
  14. Race communications radio is 151.625 MHz. Use this frequency to report any race problems during the race.
  15. You should have your own race Team frequency to speak to your crew and “chase” vehicles.
  16. We will have a “Radio Relay” atop a hill. If you are unable to contact “relay,” please try your cell phone. You can contact us at: 661.524.1550, 661.524.1554 and 760.382.3528.
  17. If you are broken down, stay with your vehicle until someone gets to you. Try not to interfere with race traffic.
  18. Your crew must first stop by start/finish and get a map of the course and the easiest, safest and quickest access to your location. Failure to inform us may cost a penalty or disqualification.
There may be additional information that we will update between now and the race or at the Mandatory Drivers/Navigators meeting.

Good luck and please provide us with your file “extension” needs, if the ones listed above don’t have your extension.

See you soon.

AVE/BP Racing

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