Prowler XTZ 3.0 Buildup


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Well, it's finally coming together. I had to scrap what someone else had built on it and start over.

It has 216ft of 1.75X.095 4130 Chromemoly and some DOM. Stands 65 inches tall when at 13 inches ground clearance. Wheelbase will be stretched 3 inches rear and 1 inch front when the new J-Arms are installed (+5 each side). The fuel cell is just sitting on the old chassis bed mount right now, but will be 10 inches lower when installed. I have to finish the rear suspension shock mounts before I can cut out the rear shock towers and install the cell.

The driver's compartment is stretched a little to accomodate the lowered seating arangement. Width of the actual chassis is very close to OEM, in fact, I will be able to use the OEM Floor and dash. The frame was cut down to just the 2 main tubes and A-Arm mount tubes. Everything from there up is Chromemoly except for a few non-critical tubes. The door bars will go in once we get the chassis welded up further.

The new air cleaner system is going to be under the hood with a functional hood scoop. The Optima battery will be under the hood also. An alternator is being installed on the driveshaft. The front floor wall panels are interchangeable with lexan panels for rock crawling and KOH so that you can look through the front floor wall and see the tires. But for desert, sheetmetal will be in place.
Not to mention the engine and clutching work going on. We'll find out how strong that 951cc V-twin can get without going too crazy.

I want to give a HUGE PROPS and THANK YOU to Johnny and Eric from UTV INC. Their help was awesome. Eric took my design and converted it to computer layout, then the UTV Inc crew cut and bent the tubes quickly and with perfect accuracy.
You guys ROCK!!!

And also a big thanks to Jon Crowley for the inspiration to build this car. I hope this car turns out near as awesome as your Monster Energy Muzzy Terxy.

We are going to try and have the car ready for the Whiplash Snowflake race, then run the Fall AZ ShortCourse Series. Then next year will be a BITD (non-points class) run as well as a run at the King Of The Hammers UTV Race.

I'll keep everyone posted as it are a couple of photos showing the mockup of the seats and body panels. Door bars and lots of bracing still to be added, as is the custom built +5 J-Arm suspension.


Okay, finally got some progress going on the build...

+5 J arm suspension which will lengthen the wheelbase by 6.75 inches total.


Dual spare tire carriers (going to be cut off, as the entire back section has to be rebuilt since it wasn't built to my specs. Caused a safety issue)



Building the cage first, boxing in the OEM chassis tubes and then moving to the rest of the car. Hopefully, we'll have most of the fab work done in the next couple of weeks.
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Sportsman or pro class?

I'm building it to be legal for the Pro class, but will have to see what kind of schedule I'll have next year, no use running Pro class if I can't make most of the races. I'll most likely decide around the end of this year.

Thanks for the comments, I'm looking forward to getting it done and seeing how it works.
Whop Whop for Prowler Nation!!!

can't wait to see it run Darryl
Okay, not the best photo, from a cell phone.
The A-Arm with the star was the first build to test, the bottom with the round holes is what the finished ones will look like. Axle is spliced to make sure we have a proper length. Once we are sure it's right, then the dimensions are off to the axle shop.

More pics, front suspension is almost done. Without shocks, the front end has over 20 inches travel cycle. With the old King shocks, it has about 15 inches travel. I'm talking with King about going to either a set of King CoilPass Shocks or 2.5" bodied long travel shocks which will yield about 18 inches travel.
Pics are from a cell phone, so not the best..


That suspension is tight! ok I dont care for the star but other then that cool as hell!

Star is gone, round now. Nick just tried it to see what it looked like, knowing that he was going to probably have to fab up a second design.
Thanks. I can't wait to get it out and test it.

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