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just an update on the pomona track. things are rolling along. We just ordered an additional 60,000 cu ft of dirt. The track will be very exciting with a land rush start, table tops, 2 large sweepers, tight technical s turns, whoops, doubles and special features for UTV and KART classes. (along with the 450s of course)

The main stright boasts a 55+ foot wide track that is just over 1100 feet in length.

It will be fun and exciting.

Is this track at the same place in Pomona that we raced CORR? Same facility?
It will be at the Fairplex. However last year it was in the parking lot, we are moving the actual track to the horse racing track.

It provides a few things:

The track orientation is changed so that when the wind blows there the dust that might be kicked up is not going into the grandstands.

The grandstands are all shaded and covered. Protects from the Heat and the rain (not that southern california ever really gets rain)

Pit areas will be paved as well.

Very awesome news. I might have to hit up a few rounds of NORRS. Is there a UTV rule book yet?
We are getting ready to post the rule book. We are waiting to make sure the SFI specs are correct. However if you are racing either TORC or LOORRS or if you ran CORR last year you will for sure be able to run NORRS.
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Hhhhmmmm. NORRS huh?

Is the an age minium for Pro?;)
Immediate payouts! High Payouts! All Classes Payouts!

So theres a payout huh?? :eek:

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