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Hi I'm Peter Dozeman. I own Peter D Motorsports, Inc. We build, service, and sell parts for the motorcycle powered vehicle industry. We pioneered fuel injected bike powered dwarf cars in 1999 and never looked back. There is no engine and transmission combination more lightweight, powerful and reliable than sport bike engines. Get 160 rear wheel horsepower from 150lbs. of engine/clutch/transmission.

Allot of people can make a motorcycle engine run in a race car but we get the full RPM, Power, and reliability out of bike powered car. Our wiring harnesses are also built with safety in mind. The fuel system runs only when the ECU sees the engine running.

We also have developed special fittings and adapters to make your bike engine install easier. Everything from billet fuel line adapters to oil line fittings that bolt on your engines. We have gauge adapters for oil pressure, fuel pressure and water temp.

We also are a oem wilwood brake distributor. That means we spec wilwood out on all of our race cars and because we do we get the best pricing they offer. We are cheaper than the big internet sites like summet or jegs.

Check us out at

Thanks & keep dreaming up those wild rides.<!-- google_ad_section_end --> <!-- / message --><!-- edit note -->
Welcome tot he site Peter! We are proud to have you and Peter D Motorsports on UTVUnderground as an official sponsor!!
Welcome Peter! We are running the Peter D air filter and radiator on our 05 R1 powered rhino. Good stuff!
Thanks for the kind words. Here is something you won't see everyday on this site. This is a picture of one of our Suzuki GSXR 1000, Peter D Built, Modlites. This is Andy Eatwell winning his third Main event in a row.

We are currently assembling a SR1. We are working with FST and 2X Motosports. They are doing the suspension and other bits that they specialize in and we are "Harnessing" the R-1 power using a Wellers kit. Watch for the build thread to be up soon.

Thanks Peter D
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