All UTV's MUZZYS Performance Whisper Cores



Whisper cores now available from Muzzys Performance

Excessively loud OHV exhaust noise is one of the most contentious land-use issue facing riders today, and Muzzys is doing its part to help. Muzzys Whisper Core Inserts are now available for Rhino, Teryx and RZR Dual Exhaust. These cores replace the standard Muzzys Quiet Core and slide inside each Muzzy canister. The Whisper Cores offer a 3-4 dBA noise reduction over their already quiet exhaust. This is a significant reduction because with every 3dBA reduction, the human ear perceives the sound level cut in half.


Available UTV Whisper Cores:

08-09 Kawasaki Teryx Whisper Core Kit - Part #0033-00157

08-09 Polaris RZR Whisper Core Kit - Part #0033-00158

Yamaha Rhino 660/700 Whisper Core Kit - Part #0033-00157

The Muzzys Whisper Cores retail for $79.95.


With a Muzzys Dual Exhaust plus Whisper Core inserts in your UTV, Maximum performance can be acheived at Minimum sound levels. Help preserve and protect OHV recreational opportunities for future generations by keeping sound output to a minimum.

Muzzys Performance Products can be reached by phone at 541-385-0706 or on the web at Muzzys Performance Motorcycle Exhaust Systems & Parts.
your gonna love Muzzys!!! not only high quality but great wormanship and customer support!
I know how much everyone loves Hunterworks but he did some testing and it showed a loss of power I think it was like 4HP on the upper end and 1HP on the low end. But is was like 8DBs lower on sound
sorry to bring it up but still the db drop was pretty impressive, I would like to see some other dyno sheets
going to install the muzzys 2night i just got home...i hope the 165 main jet is good ....sum peps think a 160 might be beter?
make sure you measure how far they stick out if your bed tilts or the bed will not open all the way!!! bed hits the pipes!!! learned the hard way!!:eek:

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