M4SX, thanks!


Retired - And Still UTVUNderground Approved!!!!
First, Gotta throw it out to Ken & Travis, thanks guys, night & day difference. The track, the staff, thumbs up.

Weller Racing, Jason provides the most awesome pit support. Thanks. Same goes for Shawn & the guys from XMF.

All the guys from AZ, Bobby, Shawn, Jason, Corry, Brian, Austin, the guys from XMF. You guys make the trip to race, have always been very cool to my son, and are great to hang with in the pits. Need Brady, Dan, Jacob, Court, Justin there as well.

RJ & his dad, thanks.

Rog for throwing his engine in the Banana and racing, tough finish but you sure sounded like you had fun. C’mon, R4 buddy.

Tyler Winbury, sneak attack, good job, winner of Am Mod class in a borrowed car & Gary Thompson with third.

Joey & Rusty from The Underground, hanging in the pits, lending a hand, taking photos. Thanks guys.

My son, Code, took a car with a blown head gasket, flat front tire, & broken front diff, and still put it on the podium, then asks if I’m upset he didn’t win. I assured him his beating for not winning could wait till we got home.

I know Im missing some people, especially the racers from CA, thanks.

Lotta work to do before round four, we’ll be ready.
I agree - Round 3 was a great time!!! Great to see everyone out there again! Joey - very cool to have you hanging out - still looking for that sticker! LOL!

Congrats to everyone making it to the podium through what I now refer to as the "gauntlet"! :) My neck is still sore from taking hits from about every side imaginable!

XMF guys - it's ALWAYS great to have Scotty and Jimmy at our races - you guys are always jumping in to lend a hand and just make us all feel so secure with our suspension! I love my new shocks - big thanks to you both for working your butts off on my car to get it ready for this round!! And a very special thanks to Walker Evans for the new, awesome, super beefy shocks!!!

Thanks to my hunny, Jason, for your support! I love you!

Congrats to Bobby, RJ, Austin and Code for your podiums!!
Austin, you looked WAY comfortable in Bobby's Rhino! :)

It's always fun to hang out with everyone.....we have a great group of racers, and it's always a privilage to share my time on the track and in the pits with all of you!

Rog, great work in the Banana!!

Can't wait to see any vids...everything was a big jolting blur out there, so....would be cool to see thing as they actually unfolded!

Hope I didn't forget anyone - and can't wait till round 4!
I def had fun out there, racing with the best.

Thanks to HRT Motorsports for letting me use the Flying banana, and Chris at benchmark for great parts and support.

My wife got the whole heat race and main of me and some others driving, but it is ol school tape, so I will see if I can get it put digital.

COngrats to the podium finishers, great job.

For Doug, Todd called me yeasterday and asked if I was ready for the next round, so we will see! :)

Again I apologize to Austin for turn one, I saw him going across my front and hit the breaks but too late. I really tried my best not to hit anyone, Bobby and I rubbed on turn two also.

You all did a great Job! It was a ton of fun hanging with you all and watching everyone work so hard to make sure the cars were ready for that final round which was a really exciting race!

Big Props to BOBONTHIS Vanbeekum who was not able to get in a full run before the main and still managed to come out and put a clinic on showing what that XMF built car is capable of. RJ Anderson was no slouch either, he was never far behind Bobby and still turning off some of the fastest lap times all day. Austin Kimbrell, that Weller built motor just screams! Great job in an unfamiliar car. Awesome to see UTVUnderground on the top 3 cars in the Pro class!! Thanks for all the love you guys!

Code Rahders Was doin work but do some bad luck wasnt able to pull off the hat trick in the Amature class. But it was great to see Tyler Winbury who has had some bad luck with his new FUnco Teryx having to race CHad Georges old Rhino but still showing the car and Tyler have what it takes!

Everyone else, Wellers you guys are awesome and so cool to hang with! Cory your getting some CUSTOM stickers!! LOL XMF Boys, just working the whole time, never taking a break except for when the cars are racing!

The COD Crew, Chad and Doug Mittag, Brent Fouch you guys did awesome! Brent has got a blue chip car up his sleeve I hear, next race could be fun!!!

HRT! Great finally meeting both Chris and Todd! It was the best watching the Jolly Roger go out there and hang with the big boys all day! Showing that his duner motor is definitley not just a duner motor but a powerful race motor! The banana needs some repair work but I hope it gets done and you are able to do it again!

Wagon Burners, you guys are always cool! Great job, not only Tyler winning but Fred busted a flip with a spin on the front bumper landed on the wheels and never even lost a position! LOL

Cant wait till round4! Ken and Travis, thanks a ton for your support, putting on this event, and allowing us to run around the facility all day with all access!!

I will try and get some Video and all my pics up by Wed!
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Thanks Joeyd and Thanks for the shirts and stickers. :)

And Rusty thanks for bringing back the fender pieces, they are going in my shop! lol

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