M4SX RD.2 Results


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M4SX RD.2 Results&pics

M4SX RD.2 Results, Rd1 they had 2 different SXS classes,Rd 2 they ran them all together, Rj Anderson on top Still Racing that fast WalkerEvans Rzr, for the Pro class,Doug Mitag With the Sdr Rzr, Code With the silver rhino tearing up the pro class,Weller and Wagon Burners on the battle .

RD 3 to come ...


  • M4SX RD2 pics 002.jpg
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Good pics ! The main sure had a lot going on as far rolling and breaking. Does anyone know what happ. To Austin in that 607 ?
Austin Snapped an Axle.He was so bummed.......Good times again!! Great job Dirt Alliance/M4SX for putting on another succesfull race day!!
Austin thought he broke a CV, but turns out he busted his rear diff....I should probably check mine - lol!!

Cool pics - thanks!!!
LOL.........I thought he said axle, either way it sucked......I was really pullin for Austin!

Hope you all can make it for Round 3!!!! Nice meeting you out there Cory and Jason!!
Thanks for being out there and supporting the sport, Joey!! :)
Cory what a come back to get on that podium.. Rd 3 next month more racers to come!!!!!!
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Thanks so much!!! :) Looking forward to Round 3 for sure! :)
You guys and girls put on a great show! "Weller Racing" HELPING the other racers to get back on the track is awsome!!!!!!!I watched it go down and they can get busy Fo Sho!!!!!!!!!!!!

Austin Kimbrell you were right there coming in to the main, that bites.

Good Luck Rd.3 Team YAMAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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