Lucas Oil Off Road UTV info posted!!


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Here it is, guys.....check it out!


3 classes.....
- stock motor, bolt on class
- Pro class 800cc max class
- Open class 1000cc max class

Pro class 800cc (they call it Unlimited) is the Payout class, with the others racing for trohies and goodies, it looks like.....

Pretty cool!
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Fixed it Corry, too many http's
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dang, getting costly, If I can manage to do this one, then I do not think I can do M4sx. and I still need a transponder :eek:
I feel your pain, Rog......I'm in the same boat. I blew my wad on CORR (pardon the expression) last year, so this year is a lot harder to fund more than one series...although, I will really try to make it out to this round since it's at my home track!!! :) And I'd love to be a part of this!
OK, first you got "rear ended", and now you "Blew your wad" :eek:! Lmao.

what is going on in AZ?? hahaha J/K

I going to try and make it, but not sure.

'Jolly Roger" lol
FYI the netire LORRS schedule is now loaded intot he UTVUnderground Calander!!

Do think it would work to put a CALANDER tab at the top of the page? It would help folks that aren't so savy like myself to be one click away from "what's happening this weekend".
Looks like I will finally get to to register!! The Tilted Kilt is sponsoring me for this series, so I owe them a huge thank you for their support!!! :D And no, I won't be wearing my work uniform to the races - lol!
damnit!!! LOL That would have been front page news on UTVUnderground FO SHO!!! hahahah

Dont think I can make it this weekend. My grandfather is really ill so I am going to need to stay home and keep close to the phone with my family. You all race hard and have fun!! Good Luck to everyone.
well wishes for Your grandpa, joey.

see ya there Cory, I will have some more speed for this round :D

Good Luck to all the racers!! I am going to miss you guys this weekend!! Make the Underground proud!!!! DO WORK SON!
Update Chad George in the funco machine set fast time beating Bobby Vanbeekum in the XMF WERS Weller car by 5 ten's of a second. I left the time sheet at the track I think Tyler was third can't remember the rest but I will keep you updated we practice at 9:00 and Race at 1:00 It is going to be a great race.

See Ya Scott
great job to all the racers who finished and competed! Big props to Tyler Winbury in his Funco Teryx! Glad to see his car working at such a high level!! We cant wait to hear all your stories!!

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