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When used on a RHINO to limit the travel of the down stroke in the suspension... is a quad wrap necessary, or would a double wrap be sufficient enough?

Anyone know of a place that has a good price on them? Been finding them around $25. Thanks!
ORW!! Call ORW in Escondido and ask for Troy or Dave...Tell him Joey told you to call and dial him in!! He knows the deal!! Trust me you will get hooked up!!!

Double wrap should be fine. ORW makes their own strap. You can call Troy at ORW Escondido CA and tell him UTVUNDERGROUND sent you.
The 1/2" bolt that attaches the upper a-arms to the spindle is what is stopping the down travel on my LT kit. Well, its damaging my hi-misalignment spacers on the uni-ball and bending the bolt... sooo, I want to limit the down travel to prevent this. Other options is to put stops in my King shocks, but this is cheaper. Actually, by the looks of the a-arm, it seems to have a spot where a limit strap would mount.... I guess I'm just slow and never put 2 and 2 together sooner... could have saved me some coin and headaches! lol
limit the travel of the stroke

Is this something that started after your mother walked in on you showering as a young lad and she yelled karl what the hell are you doing? and you exclaimed its mine and i can wash it as fast as i want to! Im jus kidding trien to make a joke but i think its gonna bomb. But anyway i think i have some limiting straps at my shop you can have them if you want them they are slightly used off of quinns old rhino if we still have them i will check tho
You got jokes aye... let me know what you have... looking for two 16" straps.
im loaded with them and yea i will check in the morning when i get into the shop and let you know
karl i found one but its got a tear in it and its bout 21 inches long

Justin, thanks for looking!

D, I did check them out online... should call them and see what Serena says... thanks!

Joey, thanks for calling your boy at ORW!

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