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Hey guys! Recently acquired a 2013 RZR 800s. I’m adding a light bar and ran into a problem where the on/off button I installed for the light bar stats on 24/7. I am a newbie to working so had a question:

I wired my light bar to the red and green screws on this electrical panel thing a ma jiggy. Sorry no clue what it’s called. Pic attached. There is also a blue and yellow screw I can utilize here. Are one of those more suited for auxiliary power for when the key is turned on?


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It is difficult for me to tell exactly, but you should have a red and black wire coming directly from your battery and connecting to the large relay that controls your winch. You can use these as a feed for your light bar power, but you need to make sure you are using the two lines coming directly from the battery. Those should be red and black.

There should be a female bullet connector located behind the ACC port on the dash. It will be a black circular connector with an orange wire with a white stripe. This is a dedicated ACC source you can use. This should be used to power the switch LED but not supply power to the LED bar.

Some LED bar kits come with a harness that is designed for a high power ignition switch that are capable of supplying more than 20A for accessory purposes. Unfortunately the Polaris accessory circuit does not support high amperage circuits.

You need to identify the switch type that you have. Some switches have 3 connection points and others have 5. ( I attached a picture to clarify) In order to keep the light from staying on all the time you will need to use a 5 connection point switch. this separates the led lights in the switch and allows you to connect the switch label led to the ACC power and use the higher amperage source from the battery or in your case the winch relay.

If you can provide a image of the back of the switch with the wires connected I will be happy to draw up a wiring schematic to further clarify the process or you can call AZ Wire Pro @ 623-233-4560

Hope this helps!


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