2017 Polaris Turbo Race Rzr for sale Price Drop


Selling my Polaris Rzr Turbo Desert car that is built and ready for the 2020 season, this vehicle was raced for 1 1/2 seasons with a total of 9 races, 2017 Polarisxp1000 Turbo Desert car Dropping price from $55k down to $45,000 Also will do some trades. This is a deal if you are looking to build a full desert car to compete against the top Drivers. Let me know
This is a fully built CAD Designed CNC Cut and bent 4130 Chromoly Chasis all tig welded construction mixed between 1.75x.095 main tubes and 1.5x.095 and 1.25x.095 gusset and laced, This is a fully built competitive machine and will be fully prepped for the new buyer, We will help you get ready for your first race and do some testing to get you set up and ready for the season, Save time and money by buying an already built machine that has had the bugs worked out. This cars has a laundry list of top brand parts, Have some spare Axles, Tie Rods, Radius Rods, Rotors Brakes, and random stuff just need to go through. Roughly 800 miles on car, BITD and Score legal and race sanction for desert. Professionally wired and easy access to everything you need if it has to be worked on.
+Walker Evan 2.5 Velocity Front Shocks extended
+Walker Evans 3.0 Velocity Shocks Extended
+CBR Brushless Radiator for motor and Turbo, Slows down and speeds up with sensor with back up override switch
+Full 180 AMP Alternator KIT
+Chromoly Driveline
+Siren with multiple functions
+Rugged Radio 100Watt radio with air pumper
+Sparco Seats with harnesses
+32 Gallon Pyrotect Fuel cell with 2 Fuel pumps 1 with key on and one back up on a switch
+Full Aluminum Shroud and body panels,front firewall, floor,Roof Doors
+2 Switch Pros 8 Panel switch Pads
+ Full Billet STM Clutching already set up with one spare set
+KC Pro 6 LED Lights, Front KC Flex Dust light
+PRP Window nets with Full metal frame that fold backwards for ease of latching when taking off
+S&B Filter for the motor
+Heat Shielding all over motor and lines
+CBR intercooler core
+Motor Freshened up less than 1 race ago
+32’’ Motor Race tires with Kevlar reinforcement and MRT 15’’ Wheels
+ Spare tire mount
+built in bumper
+2 fire extinguishers with quick release
+Full aluminum Dash
+Wolfpack + 3 Long Travel kit with Super ATV Chromoly Axles have spares
+ Shock Therapy Steering Rack with Shock Therapy Rear HD Sway Bar
+ Wolfpack Tie Rods and Downs links front and rear
+ Wolfpack Steering Wheel with Quick Release
+Queen Racing Tuned
+Storage Bags
+Dynojet Controller
Jason 714-883-1171


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