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If you've ever raced this in the past then you know how much fun it is, like Soboba. This was Codes first UTV race two years ago, he could hardly see over the steering wheel.

Anyway Storm Entertainment is promoting the event after LEMXP did it for the last two years, Heather with Podium Productions is running the races. They released the schedule but there is no UTV class....yet.

While it is not the event of the past where it ran through the streets of Lake Elsinore (On Any Sunday) its pretty close and a big step up from what it was at the MX park (which stepped up and did a great job when everyone thought it was dead).

I shot Heather an email about adding the UTV class however, is there any intrest in it from you guys? We have a little over a month to get us on the schedule if there is enough interest and Storm/Podium is willing to listen, anyone?

Click the link, check out the map, post up if you'll commit.

If they run the class were in, (either on the bikes or the in the car) who knows if there will be a next year for this event at this level.

Lake Elsinore Gran Prix-CLICK HERE

they had UTV's last year, I wonder why not this year so far?

Different group putting on the races, last two years it was the actual owners of the MX track, this year its the owners & promoters of "The Storm" baseball field and minor league base ball team, very unlikely group to promote an offroad race. It could be an insurance thing as well, not sure why no UTV's (yet) but I am trying to fiind out.

Also, it might be in excess of $100.00 entry so no sticker shock ok? It takes time and money to get the permits and let us idiots race through the streets like they are.
that sucks if they dont i guess SOBOBA will be the number 1 GP around for utv's
Soboba is a great G.P. But I will be sad if elsinore does not have utv's any more. Wait till I put on my Pine MoutainTT races, I am working on a video and will post on sxstv.
This got me so pumped Im taking Code and me riding Saturday.

Must watch. From On Any Sunday, the Elsinore GP Circa 1971

[ame=]YouTube - Elsinore Grand Prix - "On Any Sunday"[/ame]
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Event Round Details

Round# Date Status Registration Close Date Venue
Round 1 Nov 07, 2009 Open Nov 04, 2009 12.00.PM (Noon) CST Lake Elsinore Storm

Round Date: 07-Nov-2009 Venue: Lake Elsinore Storm

Class 1st Class Price 2nd Class Price 3rd + Class Price
UTVCross Stk US $ 95.00 US $ 75.00 US $ 75.00
UTVCross Super Stk US $ 95.00 US $ 75.00 US $ 75.00
UTVCross Mod US $ 95.00 US $ 75.00 US $ 75.00

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I want to RACE this and kick all your asses. I have never been able to make it till now. I hope to see a bunch of you there in my Magnum Offroad rear view mirror!!!

Your all going down!!!!:
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oh you dirty dog Doug!!!! The one time you mod something!!!!! LMAO!!! I owe you one buddy!!! I OWE YOU
Cmon Joey, race it, thats what these events are for, fun.

I just went through sign ups, not only is Blue the first UTV to enter he's also the first guy to enter the LEPG. Wouldnt that be funny if he was the only guy that showed up......again. ;)
Not funny, but HILARIOUS!!!! LMAO.....No way am I racing my car.....I will tear it a part! Now if someone with 2 race cars wants to me to race one then we can talk...LOL....Or I would co dog it! LOL That could be fun!

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