I dont test fate


Retired - And Still UTVUNderground Approved!!!!
I learned that some time ago, when I was younger I would push to get my way, now if it was ment to be then it works out in the end....

I got some friends I used to ride (MX) with all the time, life happened and that all stopped for about 5 years then one day we hook up out in the dez for weekend & have a blast.

Then come the text, Emails, and calls, "let ride, lets ride" so last night at around 9:00pm I give in. "See you tomorrow at Barona."

I get up and pull the 250 out of the shed, hmmm, flat tire, no sweat. 20 minutes later & its done. "Hey dad, were out of premix & spark plugs."

Half hour of scrounging and we find one new plug thats one heat range off for Code and I find one old used one in the bottom of my tool box that Im pretty sure is still good.

"Tam, wheres my gear?, In the camper!" (The camper is 20 minutes away in the wrong direction) so I dig through my old "Retro" gear and come up a very F'd up looking set up but at least its riding gear.

Head down to the local gas station & pick up a bottle or Maxima and were good right? But the truck feels funny, its stuck in 4WD from when I put the camper away. Another 20 minutes on the side of Alpine Blvd getting it unstuck and were off to pick up Codes buddy Kyle.

Head up Wildcat Canyon and get stuck behind the casino bus thats doing 5mph for what seems like forever when it hit me, we started this at 7am, its 10 and were still not there, not good.

We finally pull into the pits, hit the booth, signed so many waivers I thought I was buying a used car when I hear "Sorry, we stopped taking checks last week after someone burned us. You can go to Ramona or the Casino & get cash and.."

I didnt even argue, I said see you later and told the boys "I dont test fate" Code said we were unprepared and agreed, lets go home.

Saw my friends pulling in as I pulled out, told them whats up and said next time, they gave me shit & went riding.

I just got home from Grossmont Hospital, one of my friends broke both ankles & his left tib fib after we left. "My morning started like yours but I didnt listen, so how much do you want for Codes old race car anyway??" and they wheeled him off into surgery.

Yep, I dont test fate.
WOW!!! I usually always test it with unfavorable results....way to listen to your gut Doug!!!
yeah doug, good call..when life gets shady i sit back and stare at the sun
this my friends comes with age and life experiences!! I a may not drive as fast jump as high as the guy next to me however i wanna go home at the end of the day!! only you can gauge what the strenght of that fate is on any given day:)
Thanks, nice to hear I am not the only one now. I am finally past being called a pussy by my boys cuz at the end of the day i am going home to hug my family!
yes sir testing fate is for the ignorant... i used to not think once about doin sumthin... nowadays if God tells me no i listen i want 2 live til im old n can use rhino as wheelchair:eek:
and people wonder why i got rid of the dirtbike so i can sit in a harness with a full cage around me!! with age comes cage!!

best of luck to your friend and his surgery

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