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You guys hear the herbsts are back w/ monster as their sponsor....wonder whats up with RG and monster?

Hot Off the Presses:

RELEASE: Terrible Herbst Motorsports Aligns with Monster Energy for 2009 Desert Racing Campaign!

Las Vegas, NV (February 4, 2009)  Terrible Herbst Motorsports is proud to announce an alliance that will see the Corona, California-based company, Monster Energy, team up with the organization in 2009. Owned and operated by the Herbst family, the Terrible Herbst Motorsports team is as indigenous to desert racing as the blaring sun, deep sand, cactus and teeth chattering terrain that is all so much a part of the unforgiving form of motorsport. An integral part of the Southwest American desert racing scene for over four decades, three generations of Herbst drivers have made the outfit one of the elite and most prolific teams in SCORE and Best In The Desert racing, winning numerous championships and marquee races including the Tecate 250, Baja 500, Nevada 2000 and the fabled Baja 1000.

Beginning this weekend in a town in the Sonoran Desert named Parker, Arizona, The jet black and day-glo green colors of the Monster Energy Terrible Herbst Motorsports Race Team will be flying as they drop their 2009 race program into gear, dump the clutch and roost sand, dirt and rocks as they take off to begin the Parker 425.

“Monster Energy has always been a marquee brand for us and to build a deeper association with them is very excitingâ€ÂÂ, said Terrible Herbst Inc. CEO and driver, Troy Herbst. “We are thrilled about this new relationship as we believe Monster Energy is as passionate about being the best in off-road racing as we are.â€ÂÂ

Added Mike Vicente, Monster Energy’s 4-Wheel Motorsports Manager: “In the world of off-road racing, Terrible Herbst Motorsports is amongst the most admired and respected racing organization in the sport. Their professionalism and dedication, not to mention their results and performance, are second to none and Monster Energy is proud to be associated with such an A+ program.â€ÂÂ

Also pegged on the Monster Energy Terrible Herbst Motorsports competition itinerary for 2009 will be the San Felipe 250, Baja 500, Baja 1000 and the Nevada 1000. It may be hot, it may be dusty, and the glare may be otherworldly, but if you’re out at a desert race in ‘09 be sure to keep a look out for the Monster Energy Terrible Herbst Motorsports desert swarm.

Come see the all-new black Monster Energy Terrible Herbst Truggy on Thursday, February 5th between 4:00-6:00PM at The Terrible’ s Chevron on the corner of US 95 & California Ave. for autographs and a hero card.

About Terrible Herbst Motorsports
With over 40 years of racing experience, the Herbst family exemplifies a true commitment to off-road racing. Terrible Herbst Motorsports is one of the most successful and popular teams in the sport today, having dominated within SCORE and Best in the Desert with numerous race wins and Championships. The passion for racing runs deep in the Herbst family stretching across three generations of drivers and enveloping the brand image of the expansive family business. Terrible Herbst Motorsports delivers a comprehensive array of opportunities that stretch far beyond traditional sponsorship programs. Sponsorship partners are able to leverage a multitude of assets including extensive distribution, promotion and branding opportunities throughout the comprehensive Herbst Family consumer enterprise that extends across the Western United States. For more information contact NXTagency’s Todd Ballard at TBallard@NXTagency.com or (760) 481-3702

About Monster Energy

Monster Energy supports the sport, no matter how radical or extreme. Be it the barren deserts of Baja, high-banked NASCAR racing program, supercross, rally, insane distance jumping, motocross, MotoGP, roadracing, supermoto, freestyle motocross, skate, MTB, rock crawling, wake, mini bikes, surf, snow, BMX – the list goes on – the athletes that participate in these unique forms of athleticism are sparked by Monster Energy. Available in Original Monster Energy, Monster Lo-Carb, Monster Assault, Monster Khaos, Monster’s fruit juice hybrid dubbed "M-80," the party-friendly MIXXD, the ground-breaking Java Monster premium coffee & cream drink line (supercharged with our Monster Energy blend), as well as the new Monster Energy "Hitman" energy shot, there’s something for everyone. Wherever they go, Monster Energy beverages power the Monster Army of athletes. Be sure to check out their never-ending series of adventures at www.monsterarmy.com and www.monsterenergy.com .
excuse me for asking but what kind of scratch are we talking about? how much $$$ does Monster throw down to a team like Herbst?
Monster throws down MAJOR COIN!!! 6- Figure Coin EASY!!!

I am just glad to see Herbst back out there. Now does anyone know if they are running the new TT's that were being built or the OG F250? I know they retired the Landshark right??
Monster throws down MAJOR COIN!!! 6- Figure Coin EASY!!!

I am just glad to see Herbst back out there. Now does anyone know if they are running the new TT's that were being built or the OG F250? I know they retired the Landshark right??

I will let you know when I return from the race.
What no reps for bringing you the breaking story of the month....jeez tough crowd..lol
heres a pic of em at qualifying today...
DAYUM!! My favorite vehicle of all time!! Dressed in Black!! The Landshark is BAAAAACKKKKKKK!!!!!

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